-----------7thnovels Erotic short story of Japanese whore-----------


I had received a letter that seemed invitation for wedding.
So I opened it and it was invitation from senior of my high school.
She was also member of English speaking society as me, but after graduate high school I did not meet her so often because she was entered another university.
Many other classmates were also invited and I had remembered my high school day.
I talked with other classmates, and finally agreed that all of the classmate would wear high school uniform and sing a song when we performed at high school festival to cheer wedding.
Some friend had not possessed high school uniformed but we manage to prepare sailor uniform for each one.
One the day of wedding we had changed in to sailor uniform that some of my friend had handed me in anteroom.
But when I tried to put on it, I was very surprised because skirt was extremely short.
We had performed a part of English play that we had done at high school festival, and then singed a song in chorus, when I could not help my tears.
After our performance, we go back to anteroom but other girls were preparing for next performance.
We had given up to change clothes at that time and returned back to our seat and watched other performance.
After wedding party, we went back to anteroom to change clothes but there were crowd of people attending next wedding.
At last we had no chance to change clothes, so I had waived good by to my classmate in front of wedding venue.
I had just ashamed of my extremely short skirt, but other classmate did not seemed to concern about it.
When I get out of the avenue I found sign of Wendy's just in front of subway station, and I supposed that I could change clothes there in the toilet.
So I turned corner to the Wendy's.


Inside of Wendy's was very crowded and many highs school girls were waiting their turn in front of register.
I ordered coffee and searched for empty seat, when I just found luckily other high shool girls were standing up from their seat.
I put on tray on the table but when I was going to take a seat, I heard voice from behind "Can I sit this table with you?"
I turned back to found high school girl holding tray in her hand.
I gazed her a little while and notice that she was wearing same sailor uniform just as mine.
But she was already take her seat in front of me, and seemed to think of me as a student of same girls' high school.
Immediately two guys had called me "hi, it's very crowded, can we share this seat? You are very pretty so much." and they had already took seat before I reply.
"Do you want some allowance don't you?" they started talking.
"It's very easy. You can get enough allowance if you have tea with somebody just for a while"
"I can show you how easy it is, and also you can try it, before you really have plenty of allowance"
They talked very fluently and high school girl in front of me seemed to be interested in their story.
"Is it really true? Can I try, If I could?" she replied them with out doubt in her innocent face.
It seemed a very suspicious story so I decided to accompany with her to prevent her from something bad.


We got out of Wendy's, and turned corner a few times to a small building beside narrow alley.
In front of the building I saw sign board "High school girl bid club PINK CAT", but I did not know what it meant.
When we reached reception counter they explained me "This is a bid club. You know."
"High school girls were bided from guys here".
Then high school girl asked him "What dose it mean bid from guys" so he replied "You must have tea for an hour, who bid you at most high price. Of course you can talk with him anything you like".
"Is that all? Only have a tea?" I asked in order to confirm the fact then he replied also "Absolutely. He might suppose to do something with you. But you can deny if you don't want or you don't in the mode to do so."
"Even more you can select any topic you want to talk with him".
I thought it might be very funny to talk about any topics with someone who was completely stranger for me.
So I answered "I might try it. If it really true" and high school girl also agreed.
We were guided through narrow winding aisle, to a waiting room.
There were few chairs in front of big mirror wall.
It seemed that there must be another room against the mirror wall and I could hear the voice from loud speaker behind the mirror wall.
This mirror must be a one way mirror and guys seemed watching us in order to select favorite girl.
high school girl seemed unsettled and nervous for a moment then we ordered to look straight toward mirror wall.
I could scarcely heard faded voice from speaker on next room saying
"We have special girls from noble high school. It's very rear to find out such a noble girls. You can bid altogether if you want"
I supposed that some handsome guy possibly knocked down me, so my heart became beating fast.
After a while we were knocked down at 50000yen but I didn't know whether It was so much expensive or not.
We had get out of the room against one way mirror and lead to the exit where two guys were waiting for us.


We walked together to the penny arcade nearby.
Rising up the spiral staircase we had arrived at the top floor where small tables were arranged in array.
There were many vending machines stood along the wall.
One of guys had handed high school girl some coins to buy drink anything we wanted.
I said to high school girl "Anything would OK" so high school girl bought two bottle of fibe mini* and handed me one.
*fibe mini: Japanese soft drink with dietary fibers.
Then another guy started "Do you know the reason why this bottle are shaped that way?"
high school girl replied "Of course easy to drink" but he continued "Of course you are right. But do you know another place to plunge a small top and thick root thing like that"
Then I noticed that he started dirty talk, very nasty for a high school girl.
high school girl also seemed to notice it and replied "I used to play with it when I was a junior high school. I need it badly when I had not boyfriend to play with" and make a mischievous smile to him.
They continued another dirty talk, but high school girl had answered well without changing face.
Almost one hour had past when they had started topic of used panties for sale and said "If you put off your panties right now, I would like to buy it at high price"
So high school girl replied "I will sale it if you offer 50000yen" half in joke to refuse this deal.
But they promptly insisted "Good deal, I buy 100000yen both of your panties" and take out bills from wallet.
I had sometime heard about height school girl who sell her panties, but It my first experience to meat guys who buy used panties and even more it just happened in front of me to my surprise.
high school girl seemed uneasy at first but 50000yen for each was too attractive to a high school student.
high school girl turned me and said "I will go to toilet over there. Of course you would come with me, wouldn't you?" and I know what she meant.
I don't know how to do but seemed no choice in that case.
We both put off panties and handed these hot panties to guys but they didn't give money in return at once.
They said in calm voice "We would pay 100000yen on the fist floor just under this spiral staircase" and stood up for stepping downstairs.
We hurriedly following them, but when I was almost step on the spiral staircase I knew why they had taken us to the top floor of this building.
Steep steps of spiral staircase made it very easy to upskirt form floor near entrance.
When guys had reached down to the very spot that would be best position to upskirt, I realized the reason why they brought us the very top floor of this building.
My skirt of Sailor uniform was too short to prevent upskirt in any way. Moreover I could not reach first floor except down stepping this spiral staircase.
I helplessly stepped down on my trembling knees but I could hardly move my step down.
My trembling thigh almost made me sit down on the steps, but I desperately moved my legs step by step in order to escape from this shameful place.
Then loud voice of guys had sounded "Down first bitch", and at that instant my flesh had start to tremble from my head to toe as struck by thunder.
When I got to the first floor at last, high school girl had been panting with tears in her eyes and shivering shoulders.
We got out of building, to find taxi already waiting for us.
They whispered in to my ears "We are going to have good time" but I could not reply to object it.


high school girl entered the front seat of taxi next to driver but she seemed somehow accustomed in her way of sliding her ass on the seat.
I was forced to sit in the center of back seat accompanied with guys from both side.
Taxi driver was told destination which seemed love hotel near here.
When the taxi started moving toward the road, guy's finger reached upon my kneecap.
He enjoyed feeling of hollow of my kneecap and began to move his finger tips slightly.
I cannot help shivering my thighs when his fingers vibrated softly on my inside of kneecap up and down.
Unexpected feeling had flooded out from my bud and spread gradually to the every tip of limbs.
My body was getting heavier and I was almost dreaming in the wet dream.
After a short while, taxi had arrived at the entrance of love hotel.
When we entered the room, I found big round bed at center of room.
Big bed was covered with purple seat trimmed by lace, and I could see also a bright colored chandelier hanging from ceiling.
All the things were designed to enable guests to spend fully enjoyable time.
high school girl and I were ordered to put off sailor uniform by myself while they were watching contentedly.
We put off sailor uniform and lay on the bed waiting for guys.
They opened refrigerator and take out beers and drank it while they were putting off their clothes.
They seemed to talk about choose of girl with joking each other.
high school girl was looking up chandelier uneasy and then she looked around mirrors surrounded big bed.
After a short while of beer guys came nearer, and sat on the edge of bed beside us.
high school girl seemed determined her mind when she opened her thigh with standing knee upward.
The pile of conquest continued thrust me deeply into my flesh.
The repeated rhythms had torn me, with strength of thunder.

-----------English Version 1.00 by Yuki Nanotabi-----------