-----------7thnovels Erotic short story of Japanese whore-----------


When the summer is almost near, I heard about summer camp of chorus club.
Summer camp was used be held at the facilities of the University in Nasu highland.
But this year, another University had proposed to have joined summer camp with our club in another place.
In this case expenditure will be much more higher than expected as usual.
But it will be a good chance to be acquainted with boys from another University.
So many girls are seemed to be very much willingly for this plane.
One of senior said that if we didn't agree immediately, we will loose good chance.
So this plane of joined summer camp was approved on that day.
I was just a bit worried about expenditure of this plan.
After some consideration I decided to do a part time job to earn money for the summer champ.
I had bought "Part time job magazine" and checked list of part time job of word processor operator.
There are too many jobs in the list but I thought that near location would be better.
I chose one and called its office from public phone at lounge of university, and reception girl had requested me to come next day with resume to have job interview.


After school I went to the place where reception girl had taught me, and I found the name of publishing company on the post of small building.
I knocked the door and entered to find small office where heap of paper was standing like a building on every desk.
I was guided to the table and sofa where I was told to sit by a tall guy who seems to be a boss of this office.
He introduced himself as editor in chief but he seems not so reliable.
I offered my resume and he had taken a one glance at fist page.
But He didn't see next page where qualifications were listed, so I thought I was failed this interview.
At next instance he said "Why don't you start right now" for my surprise.


When I was going to put off my Jacket,@chief said "You can use locker over there".
So I walked toward locker beside wall and searched for empty place, then I found a sailor blouse hanging on hanger.
I thought high school girl might have part time job too.
After letting my Jacket hung on the hanger, I was introduced to a girl working next to my seat.
Her name was Rena and I was taught that she was a sub editor and also writing articles for magazine sometimes.
She said she will be a great writer in the future and chief encouraged her "Your dream will come true soon, If you write a good article".
And he also encouraged me "You have also a great chance to be a writer in this company".
Then my heart had just beating first thinking of great success as a writer in the future.
Chief handed me some hand writing to type so I began to work on word processor.


I had finished typing for about one hour and I came to the Editor in chief to have next order.
So he had taken a bundle of letters form reader and I was ordered to examine them.
I return to my desk and started to read lettered and I noticed that these letters were confession posting of groped experiences.
I was ordered to choose most exciting one, so I picked up some of them that seemed to be very kinky and nasty.
But Editor in chief ordered me to write confession posting myself because these letters are not suitable for contents of magazine.
So I have written groped experience of myself when I was a high school girl, but he said also that it's not good for magazine because he need extremely hot confession for magazine.
I think I cannot write such a article and I refused his order saying "I don't have such an exiting groped experience so I can write any more".
Then he suddenly hold my hand and stood up saying "come with me to the movie theater near hear right now".


I found a big signboard of movies in front of a movie theater.
The Chief had let me in the theater and screen was shining brightly.
I had seated next to the chief feeling anxious of movie that might be nasty.
But screen was seems to be a scene of battle field and I was relieved a little.
Big sound of gunfire was loudly surrounded inside the theater when a high school girl was passed by the aisle just near me.
She walked up and down several times to search seat, but when she gazed toward direction for us, chief nodded slightly to her just then I noticed that she was Rena.
I was very surprised and confused by her sailor high school uniform.
Chief seemed to notice my confusion and began to explain that "she is going to be victim of gropers by herself".
"It's simply because she want to write a good article about groper."
"If you want to write a good article you must have experience yourself like her"
"No reality with No experience. That all"
But he also added that "she is a groper mania herself instead of that".
"At first she had became a victim in order to write a good article, but after experience of groper's finger technique, she cannot help her desire for joy of humiliation expposed in public."
I didnt know what he means was true or not, but hearing that I had makeup my mind to be a great writer again.
"You can write a good article watching Rena groped. Soon or later she will be caught by gropers or I should say she will catch gropers"
He were almost standing up when he finished his words and then going back to the office leaving me in the theater.


A short while after I had turn my eyes back to Rena and noticed two guys were sitting both side of her seat and stretched their hand to her breast.
I understood that the story of chief was true and my heart beating fast as if I were groped myself.
It was not so long when movie lasted and spectator were moving to the entrance in the gradually bighting light.
Rena also standing up from her seat and looked around as if she were searching for me.
When her eyes met with mine, she seemed to try to say something to me. But gropers pushed her from both side to hurry her toward the aisle.
They pushed her ass and let her out through the entrance from theater.
I thought she tried to teach me that gropers activities would continue outside of theater.
So I decided to chase them carefully not to be aware by gropers.


They took Rena across the avenue to the narrow street.
Among the branches of high trees I see a small park.
I followed them into the center of dark park surrounded with benchs where couples were sitting closely.
They let Rena sit on one of empty bench and also sat both side of her.
I hide my self behind in the back of big tree, and watched what would happen next.
Rena then sit ground on her knee, and hide her face putting upon gropers waist.
Another groper scrolled up her skirt from behind and drew her panties down to knee.
Her flesh was exposed in dark light of park.
I was very surprised to see what happening in front of me just then someone had whispered into my ear.
"You want that, slut. Don't you?"
I tried to look back but strong hand had forced me to put my head against tree.
Then I was forced to lay down arms and legs on the foot of tree.
The pile of conquest continued thrust me repeatedly.
The repeated rhythms had torn me, with strength of thunder.

-----------English Version 1.00 by Yuki Nanotabi-----------