-----------7thnovels Erotic short story of Japanese whore-----------


When the summer vacation was over, I knew that ski class will be open in winter.
I didn't know the reason why university held ski class, but Its a rescue for student that the attendance of physical class are insufficient and can get few unit by attending ski class.
I had heard that physical is compulsory and if I would drop it I must repeat year.
And I thought I would be very busy preparing university festival this year, but if I attend ski class in winter I can skip physical class.
But it's so expensive to attend ski class for a university student, so I decided to do part time job before I would became very busy preparing university festival.
I sought part time job at briten boad of university and I found job at convenience store near my apartment.
At first it was very hard work but I was helped by boy who was working formerly so I get accustomed day by day.
His name was Kazuo and he attended University located near to mine.
Students of his University were almost boys, so he said he was very pleased to be acquainted with girl from woman's University.
He said he was from Hokkaido and very far from Tokyo, so he had few friends, and felt extremely lonely living alone in such big city.
I had also had few friends so I feel sympathy with his story.
Kazuo asked me if I had visited historical place in Tokyo.
I replied "No." because I was very busy in study and also chorus club of woman University.
And I added if I could I want to visit some famous place for tourist.
So He suggested me to visit Tokyo Tower with him.
Tokyo Tower was very famous big tower in Tokyo and it shape was very like a feel tower in Paris
He had once visited Tokyo Tower at school excursion when he was high school boy, and he seemed to visit there with me because of nostalgia.


Next after noon I waited Kazuo at subway station and got on subway together.
We got off station near to the Tokyo tower, and walked till we found big shape of Tower among buildings.
I thought It would be a short walk but even we walked pretty much we didn't arrived and the shape of Tower becameing more biger and biger upon our head.
When we at last arrived beneath the Tokyo towoer I was very suprised with it huge frame work made of iron spreading over us.
We entered the building under the Tower and waited elevator that would bring us to observatory.
Elevator was going up slowly to bring us first observatory.
We could see street of big Tokyo city below observatory, spreading widely to the horizon through windows grass.
I found prepaid telescope just not used so I put 300yen into it from my wallet and looked down through the telescope for 5 minutes.
I supposed my university could see through this telescope, but I could not find it even if I tried to search every where underneath.


Just then I felt something touching inside my thigh.
I thought baggage of someone standing behind me might touch my thigh.
But it continued to touching softy along my thigh up and down slowly.
It began to vibrate softly so I convinced that it must be someone's finger touching my thigh from behind.
I thought it must be Kazuo himself that would seemed to do such a thing to me.
Suddenly I feel cold, and trembling from head to toe.
His finger tips continued its vibration and gradually moved around my thigh and then moved toward my pussy.
I could not understand his intension and I was confused with warm stream pouring in to my flesh from his fingers.
Suddenly I knew 5 minutes was over by blackout of telescope, and I found myself again.
I could not find what to say to Kazuo when I was looking back to him.
But I found another guy with grin in his face who must groped me.
He was still looking my thigh with nasty eyes so he must groped me with out doubt.
I tried to search Kazuo, but he was looking through another telescope and did not notice what I had been done by groper.
I walked around observatory with Kazuo for a few miniature, while groper following me from behind.
I decided not to tell Kazuo about groper because it may cause trouble in anyway.


After doll house we had coffee at the coffee shop inside the lobby of Tokyo tower.
We had not talked so much to my disappointment and Kazuo did not seemed to know how to speak with girl.
I had not much interested in his story so after finishing coffee we were going back to subway station.
But when I was going to buy ticked I noticed that I had missed my wallet.
I must have dropped my wallet at coffee shop in Tokyo Tower, and I though I must get bat any way.
I suggested Kazuo that we must go back to Tokyo Tower but Kazuo said "I must teach high school boy after that".
I didn't know what should I say to Kazuo then he said again "I call you again", and trying to get down stairs of subway station.
So I said also "good by", and started to get back by myself but I didn't remember well the way to the Tokyo Tower.


I managed to go back to Tokyo Tower when my mobile phone rang but I didn't know his voice.
he said he had picked up my wallet and were going to hand over me.
I replied "I am coming" but, he seemed to be at a small park near Tokyo Tower, so we agreed to meet there.
He taught me the way to the park and I turned a corner to a narrow path as he told.
After a while I could find the park easily but there were nobody who seemed to pick up my wallet.
I found small building of toilet and I thought he might in the toilet right now.
So I searched for him but there seemed nobody at toilet.
I was disappointed and going out of toilet then I was blocked by guy just in front of toilet.
I almost banged against him just when his both arms had folded my ass and his hand squeezed my hips.
Slight movement of his finger tap stroking my ass taught me that he must be a groper in Tokyo Tower just while ago and made my knee cups trembled again.
I could not stand by myself but he had pulled up my ass into toilet dangling my legs helplessly.
The pile of conquest continued thrust me repeatedly.
The repeated rhythms had torn me, with strength of thunder.

-----------English Version 1.00 by Yuki Nanotabi-----------