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[my friend=Yumi]
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[bid club=PINK CAT]
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[bid club=ROSY CAT]
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[bid club=ROSE GARDEN]
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[bid price=40000]
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[bid price=60000]
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[price of panties=50000yen]
[price of both panties=100000yen]
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[price of panties=100000yen]
[price of both panties=200000yen]
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scene Educational_law
[theme of lecture=Educational law]
scene History_of_education
[theme of lecture=History of education]
scene History_of_psychology
[theme of lecture=History of psychology]
scene enter_love_hotel
When we entered the room, I found big round bed at center of room.
Big bed was covered with purple seat trimmed by lace, and I could see also a bright colored chandelier hanging from ceiling.
All the things were designed to enable guests to spend fully enjoyable time.
scene Athletic_meet
When autumn had come, Athletic meet was going to be held by my husband's company.
In these days it is very rare that company hold Athletic meet for its employees.
But my husband's company is very old one so Athletic meet is held annually and families of employees are used to attend and enjoy Athletic meet.
It was very tiresome to prepare athletic wears and box of lunch previous day.
But I felt like going back to the previous day of Athletic meet when I was still junior high school girl.
Company's ground is located in Huchu city near Tokyo and being used by Company's Rugby team.
On the broad ground white lines are drawn as a figure of circular athletic tracks.
I and my husband took a seat where rope was stretched to separate seat and tracks.
There were many families and there voices scolding there child were loudly reached around all the ground.
I attended the three-legged race with my husband by chance.
Because three-legged race was since athletic meet in the junior high school, I felt a little sentimental remembering school days.
scene wearing_sexy_dress
After marriage I have been wearing sober dresses, but [my friend] is still single and seemed to enjoy herself wearing sexy dresses.
But I worried about her transparent tennis dress because it is too sexy.
scene Beauty_contest
When the beauty contest began and [my friend] appeared on the stage, all the boys were excited and gave cheers from everywhere.
Moderator had started the announcment and began the introduction of girls, but the atmosphere of the hall was almost crazy.
And at last by clapping of the audience [my friend] was chosen as a miss University.
[my friend] has received travel ticket form Judge Chair man and were going down of the steps of stage ,but Chairman detained her saying that "miss University must do Judge and presenter of the following karaoke contest. It's a duty of winner of beauty contest."
scene call_for_help_to_tennis_court
I could not help her myself, so I returned hurriedly back to tennis court for help. Just aside tennis court there were some boys, so I return with them to help [my friend].
They entered the pond up to knee and held up [my friend] and untied tangled ropes.
When [my friend] was laid down to the ground out from pond she was drenched all over her transparent tennis dress and also her tit under brassier and pubic hair beneath wet ruffled tennis panties were exposed clearly under the eyes of boys.
One of boys shouted at crazy voice "Dirty Bitch. You want cock. You fucking slut" then I noticed that they were the same boys we had quarreled just while ago.
They pushed down her again to the muddy water and I was also pushed down into pond.
scene can_not_wear_costume
Next Sunday, I went with my husband to rugby ground.
Just aside ground there are small tent and every girls are changing into cheer girl costume.
Girls were seemed to be gathered from every division of his company.
I also handed a brilliant red costume of cheer girl.
So I tried to wear it but cannot fasten the fastener of back any way.
Another girl said to me "I said that costume is very small and how fat you are! How is your weight? Bitch"
I was very surprised by her saying and could not answer a single word.
When I went out tent and return to my husband, he noticed that I could not change into cheer girl costume.
He looked very cross and get angry, and said nothing to me.
scene change_into_tennis_wear
When we arrived at the tennis court we found many boys playing tennis.
We were going to locker room to change into tennis wear.
scene cheer_girl_of_rugby
My husband had come home Saturday evening earlier than usual.
After dinner he started to me that "You had been a cheer girl when you are University student. don't you?"
I certainly remembered that I had been in cheer leading group and had cheered soccer game few times.
So I answered "Yes, but why you asking me such a thing?"
Then my husband continued that "You know our company had rugby team, but it will be dismissed because of our company's restructuring"
"So cheer leading team was also dismissed"
"Cheer leading team was employed especially from University cheer leading team"
"So cheer girls were all moved to cheer leading team of another company."
"But our rugby team had wined the final big game."
"So our team must face to winner of student championship."
"And it will be a last game of our rugby team."
"But cheer leading team had been already dismissed."
"This final game will be broadcasted on TV."
"So it will be a shame of our company with out good looking cheer leading girls"
"I was asked to join you to the temporally cheer leading team"
"Costume of cheer girl is very small size so you would be fit very well"
"Are you going to be a cheer girl, aren't you?"
And he added "Please."
I agreed because of broadcast on TV.
scene Cheer_leading
"I think No way." I said to [my friend] and she suggested "well, I know. But we can watch the performance of cheer leading."
So we entered into the tennis court.
There were benches lined in front of court for audience and many boys were sitting waiting for the beginning of performance but no girl was seen.
This University was mainly subjected in technology and science.
So students were almost boys, and cheer girls seem to be student of Woman University near here.
After the performance of cheer leading we leaved the tennis court and were going to buy crepes at a food stall, just then I heard voice of guy from behind "My dear sweetie."
I turned around and saw skin headed guy wearing black student uniform.
He seemed to be a member of cheer group of this University.
He said politely "You look so beautiful. So would you please entry beauty contest right now. My dear" and [my friend] started to laugh because of his politeness.
But hearing that the prize of contest was travel ticket for Singapore, we decided to entry beauty contest of this university festival for fun.
scene Depth_of_ditch
Crying meaningless words loudly Boys rushed me and [my friend].
My body was falling headlong under the water like a small boat in the storm.
scene getting_out_from_tennis_court
They tried to say something but at last they stopped playing tennis and got out of tennis court with their baggage.
scene Karaoke_contest
I and [my friend] were guided to seats in front of the stage and Karaoke contest had started.
I thought that Karaoke contest is competing karaoke song but each teams had made every kind of invention, various kind of dancing and costumes.
It was almost musical show had being performed in front of me.
But when teams of tennis club appeared to the stage all the hall was getting noisy.
They began dancing but it was very kinky and nasty.
And then one of dancers picked up a girl wearing tennis dress from seat near by me, and pulled up her on the stage.
Members of tennis club had push down her on the floor of stage, while she was screaming, and dancing like the gang bang had started in front of me.
One of boy was even shaking his hip up and down upon her bottom.
But girl underneath him also started shaking her bottom up and down too, and I notice that he not her were a boy dressed in tennis dress and ruffled tennis panties.
select waight_gain
scene waight_gain_6Kg
scene waight_gain_5Kg
scene waight_gain_4Kg
scene waight_gain_3Kg
scene measure_weight
Next day, I bought the weight scale and measured my weight.
I found that I had gained [waight_gain] more than when I was a university student, and I was shocked much.
scene make_appointment_of_tennis
So I called [my friend] my old friend on the phone and talk about how to loss the weight.
She honestly suggested me to practice tennis with her and we have a appointment to play tennis at the court for university staffs where we used to play next Sunday.
scene participate_tennis_party_of_company
When the summer was nearer, my husband suggested me to participate in tennis party held by his company.
He said that he want play tennis pair with me.
But I feel something suspicious in his way of saying.
So I inquired about this tennis party from wife of my husband's colleague.
She suggested me that my husband had tried to pair with another young girl of his section, and was refused gently.
So he must pair with me, to participate in this tennis party without choice.
I feel very ridiculous hearing her story, but anyway I decided to attend tennis party to stand my husband's face.
scene Quarrel_on_the_stage
I could not watch their nasty dance, so I tuned my eyes on my knee.
After All the performances were finished, Judge Chairman had announced the Tennis club as a winner.
[my friend] had walked up the stage and was going to present the trophy and the bouquet to the tennis club, just when members of other teams had shouted "Dumb, humbug".
"Winner of last year was also tennis club, its humbug. Eat shit mother fuckers" and they jumped at members of tennis club.
Other boys tried to stop them but they were also banged.
They quarreled altogether and shouted loudly on the stage and other boys were climbing the stage from everywhere.
I and [my friend] had jumped down the stage and rushed out of the hall desperately with out changing tennis dresses.
scene quarrel_on_tennis_court
We return to the tennis court where boys were playing tennis games.
We waited near the court till the time we reserved court looking there games.
When the time had come we entered the tennis court but they continued playing games as if they didn't noticed us.
[my friend] whispered me that "They are chicken sit" and her saying had surprised me so much.
I answered "No way. We must wait till they stoph, but she walked toward the boys shouting loudly "Stop it".
Boys in the tennis court were just surprised by her voice and also seemed to be surprised with her transparent tennis wear.
I never had heard such a rude manner of her and just afraid what would happen next.
Boys replied loudly that "We are playing game now, you can wait a minute or soh, but she said angrily "Stop it right now, it's nothing to do with us".
scene search_for_tennis_ball_to_the_pond
I had got out of tennis court to search for tennis ball.
When I reached bushes behind tennis court, there were sloped down to a pond and dark shadow of tall trees were hanging over the pond.
[my friend] had followed me saying "tennis ball might have been drove into the pond" and stepped carefully to the edge of pond.
"Here there are" she cried and step forward and reached her hand to the ball in the water when she slipped on the moss and fell down to the muddy water.
Around the pond wooden piles were stuck and between piles ropes were spanned to separate water and [my friend] legs were tangled with that ropes.
She tried to get up but ropes tangling with her legs were hardly loose itself.
select case_of_start_diet
select case_of_play_tennis
scene attend_athletic_meet
scene join_cheer_reader
scene attend_tennis_party
title tennis_panties
select stories_of_tennis_panties
scene drop_tennis_ball_to_pond_after_quarrel_with_boys
scene beauty_contest_at_University_festival
scene finished_changing
When we finished I was very surprised to see the tennis dress of [my friend].
It was almost transparent and under it I could see white brassier and white lacy ruffled tennis panties transparently.
scene transparent_tennis_ware
[my friend] noticed my eyes and than see turned around on her heels and said "This tennis dress is same as Ai Sugiyama had worn when she played at Wimbledon's center court", and she looked so proudly.
scene Sexy_tennis_dress
When we entered an Hall, I found cheer girls that had performed at tennis court short while ago.
They seemed to entry beauty contest too.
They were dressed in brilliant read cheer reading costumes.
And of course all the boys like that kind of costume.
They would be get extremly excited and winner of contest must be one of that cheer girls.
So I was disappointed much when the boy who seemed to be a Judge Chairman said "you will look more beautiful, if you would wear tennis dress in your bag".
So we changed clothes at the anteroom in the back.
It seemed too sexy to appear in front of boys eyes.
scene tennis_ball_droven_over_the_fence
After short while of warming up, we started rally each other.
But when I swung my racket, it happened to hit tennis ball with its edge and drove the ball to another direction unexpectedly.
I looked around to search for ball but I could not find it around me.
[my friend] said "[Yuki], Ball had gone beyond the bush behind the court."
So I noticed that the ball might have driven over the fence of tennis court.
scene Three-legged_race
When I was a junior high school girl, I could not run so fast.
But I thought that I could run even now not so badly.
And I was waiting for the sign of start.
When the sound of start pistol banged, another couples are running faster than us.
I tried to catch up ,but my legs did not move as I wished.
And at last we are the most bottom of the race.
My husband said me that it was shame and looked like so cross.
He even said that "You are to fat. you could not run fast with your fatty body".
And I was also getting cross with his wards.
scene meet_at_subway
We met at the subway station near to the back gate of university.
scene University_festival
While we going up the street that lead to the back gate, we heard strange sound.
It was some kind of Music loudly sounding from inside.
We entered the back gate and went down to the school yard.
School yard was surrounded by food stalls selling hotdog or fried Chinese noodle.
When I saw the decoration in the yard, I noticed that the University was just in the midst of festival.
So I asked [my friend] "I suppose it must be school festival. Can we play tennis even now?"
And [my friend] returned "It's quite skew, I might missed the date. But we can possibly use tennis court. So let's go and see the tennis court anyway."
So we go down the school yard and reached tennis court.
But inside of the court, there were many girls looked like cheer-leaders dressed in brilliant red and they were practicing cheer-leading performances.
scene warm_up_before_tennis
[my friend] said that we had better have warm up so I moved round arms and bent downward.
[my friend] had also bent down but her ruffled tennis panties were exposed under her tennis dress.
I had just been shamed but [my friend] did not seem to care about it at all.
scene Wet_ruffled_tennis_panties
Outside of the hall was already becoming dark and, small pond in front of the hall boys were scampering around drinking beer.
I was passing throw them hoping any trouble should not happen.
When I saw the one of boys get naked and jumped in to pond, I tried to run away.
But another boy caught me from behind and pulled me in to pond and dropped me down to the water.
[my friend] tried to escape but she was also caught by other boys and pushed down in to the water.
Her tennis dress had got drenched and brassiere and ruffled tennis panties beneath it had exposed to the view of boys.
scene opend_her_sick_room
I decidedly opened the door of sickroom and [my friend] had wave her hand with smile.
scene Boy_friend_of_my_friend
I found a boy near bed side of [my friend].
He seemed to be a brother of relative but [my friend]'s boy friend [he].
[my friend] started that "I was riding together on motorcycle with [he] and tumbled down when it was turning a corner".
"I was brought to hospital on ambulance he called because my uncle ached badly.
But checking a X ray, it was only slight sprain, and not so seriously injured"
Hearing that I was relieved with a sigh.
I said to [my friend] that all the members of chorus club were anxious for her injury and handed over flowers.
She replied "Don't be anxious. I will recover and can walk for about a week and will not repeat a year"
scene Brutal_humiliation
I tried to give a cry but the towel sticking in to my mouth allowed me only to groan.
The guts stick struck down on my ass repeatedly, regardless to my groan.
I tried to endure and tears were flood from my eyes.
With my and tears I swore deeply in my heart that I never admit such a brutal humiliation.
When I was almost fainting, the hardest strike was stopped and voices of boys could not be heard.
Dirty towel that gagged my mouth was removed and I heard soft but cruel voice near my ears "If you rat on someone about us again, you will be stuck again more hardly. You never rat on, don't you?"
I have no way and shouted repeatedly with tears "I don't. I don't. I never rat on."
He picked up my ears softly when my whole body was shivering with terror.
Finally I was released by permission of leader of cheer group and I went straight to the club house of football club searching for senior.
She was just finished the meeting of next football game.
I said "Come with me" to senior and glob her hand to the club house behind the ground.
scene call_ambulance
I had also followed them to the infirmary but there was no school doctor when they laid down [my friend] on a bed.
There was only psychological counselor at that moment but she promptly called ambulance.
When ambulance came in front of the infirmary, [my friend] was carried to a hospital accompanied with psychological counselor.
scene Cheer_girl
[my friend] turned up her face and said "I must ask you a favor of [Yuki]".
I was a little anxious looking her serious expression, and replied "say anything".
Then she continued as politely as usual "[he] is going to have a football game next Sunday, and I am one of the members of cheer girls"
"Cheer group has several kinds of formations. So If could not participate, cheering formations must have been changed and also must do practice from beginning again. So would you please join the cheer group instead of me?"
I thought that it was a slight matter and I said "Ok [my friend], don't worry about it".
In the day of the football game, I putted on the cheerleader costume of [my friend] and cheered with other cheer girls.
But the team of [he] had been defeated.
scene Cheer_girl_whore
The leader of cheer group just stood in front of her face and unzipped his black school uniform.
"You must beg, because you are whore. You are dirty whore from now. Do you understand?" he said in a cruel voice.
"Fuck yourself." she cried when the hardest strike hit her ass.
Merciless guts stick final made her say "Let me suck your thing please".
But he clamed "your voice is too small and I cannot hear you", and next strike hit her ass.
She screamed repeatedly "Pleas. Won't you please suck your thing".
Satisfied with her words, he made his huge thing touch her lips.
When he finished in her deep throat, he turned his face to me and said "It's your turn slut".
scene Final_humiliation
Boys were still left there and were weeping floor.
I found leader of cheer group among them and I told senior "I have done terrible humiliation here"
She realized what I meant and asked him "What have you done to [Yuki]".
"You are the most chicken sit slut" shouted him and call out "Guts stick" in the kinky accent.
Immediately boys had surrounded me and senior and screaming loud voice as a short while ago.
Senior had forced to lay down hands and foots.
Guts stick hit straight down to her ass, and her scream had filled the room, but gag of dirty towel had stop it.
After hardest strike, she fell to the floor and wept a while.
But when she stopped weeping she said "This cheer group must be resolved, my friend is daughter of director of this department. You know what I mean. You are all became withdrawal.
When she finished her words proudly, leader of cheer group replied against her "You must know better. You need more hard whip to know better slut. Then you will know what you are."
And he called out loudly "Guts stick again." so boys let her lied on the floor again.
scene got_subway_to_hospital_counselor_had_taught
After Few days I had planed to visit [my friend].
Psychological counselor had told me the location of hospital.
I had got on subway and after few stations I had arrived the station psychological counselor had told me.
scene Ground_maintenance
Cheer girls were watching the matter that happened in front of them, pretending they had nothing to do with me, and did not move a bit.
I realized deeply into my heart that I could not be against him, so I sat square on the ground together with other cheer girls.
One hour was too long period, and my feet had pain immediately.
I was almost trying to stand up, but If I did so I would be slapped again more hardly as punishment.
So I was desperately sitting square with all of my endurance.
Just then, freshmen of football club approaching near pulling big roller for ground maintenance.
When cheer girls watched them, one of a senior of football club was coming to say "get out of here, don't sit on sacred ground with your dirty ass"
All cheer girls had looked into the face of the leader of cheer group, and he said nothing.
He turned his face from senior of football club and was going out of the ground.
So we could stand up and leave the ground finally.
scene talk_to_senior
Next day, I went to the university and talked about the humiliation that had happened on the ground to the senior who was a sub manager of football club.
She was very surprised to hear that and she said rapidly "I will report it to the general manager, so such thing will never happen again."
From then I had decided not to join cheer girl, but [my friend] was still in hospital and I can not deny joining instead of her.
So I participated to a practice for next game.
After the practice I was caught by one of cheer girls.
scene Guts_stick_discipline
She led me to the small club house behind the ground.
When I entered the club house I found many boys of cheer group waiting just for me.
They surrounded me and I heard the loud voice from behind "You are chicken sit slut, so we are going to teach you how chicken sit will be a good slut and you will be a pretty good slut."
Then they caught me and made crawling arms and legs and dirty towel was stick in to my mouth as a gag.
Leader of cheer group had standing behind my ass, holding bamboo stick which called guts stick by them.
Then guts stick was struck down my ass form straight above his head while other boys screaming nasty words all together.
scene got_subway_to_hosptal
I took the subway to the hospital which senior had told me.
Subway had passed a few stations and I stepped off on the station near the hospital.
While I was on the train I had got anxious about injury of [my friend].
She might have seriously injured and would not be able to walk all her life.
scene bought_flower_on_flower_shop
Just in front of the station I found flower shop.
I bought some flowers, and asked the flower girl the way to the hospital.
She told me that the hospital is not so far.
scene enter_the_gate_of_hospital
But when I had walked a few steps I noticed that big building of the hospital is just standing in front of me.
I entered the gate to the waiting room and crowed of peoples were there.
I heard the [my friend]'s room at the reception counter and hurried to her room.
When I opened the door, I had got much anxious about her injury and my heart was squeezed tightly.
scene humiliation_at_karaoke_room
"You are the chicken sit. Slut." leader of cheer group had spoken out to senior.
"If you rat on us, you will have lesson again" he continued with angrily face.
Senior tried to stand up on her feet to escape, but boys grabbed her arms and forced her on the floor.
They laid her lay arms and legs and let her face up to leader of cheer group.
"You are the first to have lesson" leader of cheer group said to senior drawing down his zipper of trousers.
Senior screamed to him "my friend is daughter of director of this department. You know what I mean. You are all got withdrawal." but it only make him more furious.
He shouted back to senior "You must have good lesson, before you say sorry" and beat her face.
I had tried to escape but I was also forced to lay arms and legs beside senior.
scene invited_to_karaoke_party
She invited me to karaoke party with another member of cheer group.
She explained me that one of cheer group member were doing part time job at karaoke shop and could get discount coupon very easily, and girls of cheer group had no need of payment.
She also explained that leader and another boys of cheer group would apologize there brutal behavior, and senior who was sub manager of football team was also invited.
I had no reason to reject her proposal so I agreed to go to karaoke shop with her.
scene karaoke_room_with_senior
She guided me to the karaoke shop in the midst of downtown.
When we entered the room for a karaoke party, boys were already waiting for us.
Soon after [my friend] was also guided to the room.
The girl who guided me was going to leave room saying that other cheer girls would be coming soon.
But when she shut the door behind her and left the room, two boys had stood both side of the door folding their arms.
It seemed very queer but I don't mind so much.
Suddenly all the boys had stand up and leader of cheer group had spoken something loudly.
Then all the boys replied together "Oh su" and their voice reflected loudly in the karaoke room.
I knew that "Oh su" were the slang of there group meaning "Yes", but I didn't know the reason why they said "Oh su" at that time.
scene my_friend_was_appendicitis
Next day I come up to infirmary again.
Psychological counselor explained me that [my friend] was just appendicitis and had surgery immediately.
I was a bit anxious but she said "No problem at all, she will get well soon".
scene Ridiculous_review_meeting
After the game I was going to leave the ground thinking that my role was over when a boy of cheer group had detained me.
He ordered violently "you mustn't go now, we are going to have review meeting".
Other cheer girls had gathered and review meeting had started.
Center of the circle fat guy wearing black school uniform had looked around cheer girls
He was a leader of cheer group.
He had started "Your cheering was too bad, so we defeated the game, especially you slut" and he pointed me.
Another cheer girl had tried to protect me saying "She joined us just yesterday, she cannot do enough practice, she is substitute of [my friend] and [my friend] was in".
But Leader of cheer group had stopped her and shouted "Shut up. No excuse slut. You are going to sit square on the ground for one hour because of corporate responsibility".
So cheer girls began to sit on the ground all together still dressed in cheer reading cositumes.
It was absolutely ridiculous and I was going to leave the ground.
Just then leader of cheer group had slapped my face with his palm.
With great pain, I fell down to the ground and broke into tears.
select case_of_hospital
scene injured_in_traffic_accident
scene have_appendicitis
title dirty_cheer_girl_whore
select case_of_dirty_cheer_girl_whore
scene discipline_at_karaoke_party
scene discipline_with_senior
scene special_lecture
Special lecture of [theme of lecture] was held in the university.
Lecture was 4 hours a day, and it scheduled one week.
It was very tiresome only to write down a notebook.
When I had entered lecture room, the second day of lecture, [my friend] entered room just a little later.
Lecture was already begun and Professor looked a little crossly, but he might think girl should not be scolded, so he continued lecture as if he didn't notice [my friend].
scene to_infirmary
[my friend] sat just apart from me, but her face looked so badly frowned and seemed felt sick.
When lecture was almost finished Professor noticed her and came near to [my friend] saying "Are you all right?"
But she could not answer to Professor.
Professor seemed to be very anxious and ordered some of students "Let her take to the infirmary right now".
But other girls could not stand up her.
So Professor had holding up her himself with his arms and taking her out to infirmary with other students.
scene traffic_accident
On Thursday lecture of [theme of lecture] were beginning soon, but [my friend] did not appeared in class room as usual.
Professor of history of education knew well that [my friend] and me were always sitting on seats right in front of classroom and writing note book, so he seemed to be anxious of her absence.
After the lecture I came into a room of chorus club, but she did not appear.
When I came back to my apartment, I called her on the telephone again and again, but she didn't answer.
I thought something wrong had happened to Reio, so I called on her late at night, but she didn't answerer still.
Next day, when I had come into the room of chorus club, seniors were talking anxiously.
I heard from one of seniors that [my friend] was in a hospital and had suffered an injury by the traffic accident yesterday.
She said also that someone had reported to official of university this morning.
I didn't know a detail of situation, but I decided to go to hospital to see her.
scene Visit_my_friend_sick_room
I was going to hand over flowers to [my friend] but I fund a boy near her bed side.
He seemed to a boy friend of [my friend] and [my friend] introduced him to me.
His name was [he] and he grabbed flower from my hand.
I was relieved any way that she looked well.

scene Adult_video_actress
I was guided to the personal computer desk and he said "would you like to read manual of this computer", so I opened manual when young girl and boy entered the office.
She was dressed in sober suit and seems to be a student of Woman University just graduated high school.
I thought she must have job interview as me, so I listen her voice with curiosity.
"When was your first experience?" or "how many guys did you have been going out with?" and another conversation was coming in to my ears.
I thought it must not be a job interview but I didn't realize the purpose of this interview.
After a short while, girl and boy had gone out from office and the editor in chief coming with cassette tape saying that "type this tape please. You can finish one hour or so".
I had started cassette tape and knew that the girl was adult video actress and the interview was a dialog for an adult video magazine published from this company.
In cassette tape she answered the question that before adult video actress she was a nurse of nursery school to my surprise.
scene Blow_job_fantasy
When we went back to office, the chief ordered me to write an article about being groped in theater, so I write a short story.
But he ordered to rewrite it again and again saying "you must write more exactly what you have done".
But I don't know how to describe the scene of blow job in toilet that I did not have seen.
I had tried to imagine how high school girl had used her lips and tongue.
While I writing story about blow job, I was got excited and getting wet unconsciously.
At last the chief said to me "that not good, but I will do the remaining.", so I finished my work and leaved office to get back home.
I was almost tuning a Conner of [first food shop], when I saw two guys passing beside me.
They must be a groper just before and seemed to return to the movie Theater, to find another victim.
Just then a great idea arose in my mind, that if I were groped in theater it would be extremely nasty, and if I were picked up to a toilet of [first food shop] it would be a tremendously dirty.
My mind was full of this blow job fantasy, and my whole fresh were getting too hot to resist it.
scene Blow_job_girl
When we were returning from the movie theater the chief suggested me to have a tea.
I was a little tired sitting seat of the theater such a long time so I wanted to have a rest for a while.
We turned corner and found [first food shop] when I remained the story concerning [first food shop] just before.
Following the chief I entered [first food shop], and was surprised to see a high school girl sat on stand, opening her thigh widely against window.
I saw middle aged guys were sitting both side of her and stretching there hand to her thigh and breast.
I notice that the girl must be a high school girl just groped in the movie theater, but I pretend that I did not notice her.
We ordered coffee and take a seat against her.
"You know what I mean, she will go to toilet and do blow job next" chief whispered to me and It might be true this time.
"She is not a high school girl but only disguised. She look like obedient but she is nasty bitch in fact." and I could not deny what he said seeing her white thigh.
When we finished coffee I saw the high school girl leaved her seat to a toilet.
Little later, two guys groped her were also standing and seemed to follow her to the toilet.
I cannot believe the fact that happen in front of me, but she must do blow job in toilet without doubt.
scene chase_gropers_after_movie
A short while after I had turn my eyes back to [my friend] and noticed two guys were sitting both side of her seat and stretched their hand to her breast.
I understood that the story of chief was true and my heart beating fast as if I were groped myself.
It was not so long when movie lasted and spectator were moving to the entrance in the gradually bighting light.
[my friend] also standing up from her seat and looked around as if she were searching for me.
When her eyes met with mine, she seemed to try to say something to me. But gropers pushed her from both side to hurry her toward the aisle.
They pushed her ass and let her out through the entrance from theater.
I thought she tried to teach me that gropers activities would continue outside of theater.
So I decided to chase them carefully not to be aware by gropers.
scene Groped_experiences
I had finished typing for about one hour and I came to the Editor in chief to have next order.
So he had taken a bundle of letters form reader and I was ordered to examine them.
I return to my desk and started to read lettered and I noticed that these letters were confession posting of groped experiences.
I was ordered to choose most exciting one, so I picked up some of them that seemed to be very kinky and nasty.
But Editor in chief ordered me to write confession posting myself because these letters are not suitable for contents of magazine.
So I have written groped experience of myself when I was a high school girl, but he said also that it's not good for magazine because he need extremely hot confession for magazine.
I think I cannot write such a article and I refused his order saying "I don't have such an exiting groped experience so I can write any more".
Then he suddenly hold my hand and stood up saying "come with me to the movie theater near hear right now".
scene Gropers_humiliation
I entered the movie theater following gropers when my legs started shivering.
I stood back of the array of seats and waited what would happen next.
My heart was almost burst hearing footsteps of gropers walking near, and standing both side of me.
I feel soft touch of groper's finger on skirt, touching my hips roundly.
My skirt was rolled up from behind and another groper's finger touched my thigh directly.
I cannot resist groper's touch of finger that bring me a incredible feeling, and I endured shamelessly.
I thought every victim of gropers must have same feeling and nobody escape from groper's humiliation.
But finally there fingers were withdrawn from my hips and thigh at the end of movie.
When hall was lighted, groper took me out to the [first food shop].
I was forced to sit on the stool where high school girl had sat just while ago.
I faced window pane and looked out the crowded night street.
One of gropers hand reached my thigh and caressed my knee softly.
With delicate vibrations of groper's finger my knee was shivering untolerantly, then his finger moved more skillfully.
Unexpected feelings had flood from my inside of flesh and spread out to every top of my hand and legs.
It reached top of my brains and my body became so heavy that I could not move any part of mine like in a dream.
scene Groper_experience_for_good_article
She walked up and down several times to search seat, but when she gazed toward direction for us, chief nodded slightly to her just then I noticed that she was [my friend].
I was very surprised and confused by her sailor high school uniform.
Chief seemed to notice my confusion and began to explain that "she is going to be victim of gropers by herself".
"It's simply because she want to write a good article about groper."
"If you want to write a good article you must have experience yourself like her"
"No reality with No experience. That all"
But he also added that "she is a groper mania herself instead of that".
"At first she had became a victim in order to write a good article, but after experience of groper's finger technique, she cannot help her desire for joy of humiliation expposed in public."
I didnt know what he means was true or not, but hearing that I had makeup my mind to be a great writer again.
"You can write a good article watching [my friend] groped. Soon or later she will be caught by gropers or I should say she will catch gropers"
He were almost standing up when he finished his words and then going back to the office leaving me in the theater.
select case_of_part_time_job
select groper_in_the_movie_theater
scene park_near_the_movie_theater
scene toilet_in_the_movie_theater
scene Groper_spot
The chief seemed to notice my strangeness in my heart, and wisped to my ear that "This Theater is a great groper spot".
The chief continued "The girl standing behind seat must be groped badly, so the girl who craves to be groped are standing there like her waiting for gropers".
I thought at first that chief had kidding but when I looked back the girl again, guys were standing both side of her and her face was somehow nervous and tensioned.
I noticed that her skirt was rolled up from behind, and guys had been groping on her breast too.
I realize that all thing that chief had told me might be truth.
"After movie she used to go to [first food shop] and have blow job at toilet" chief had told me again, but this time I believe that he must be kidding me.
When movie was finished, inside of the theater had lighted brightly.
I and chief were standing and leaving seat, but when I looked back again high school girl and gropers was not seen.
scene Job_interview
After school I went to the place where reception girl had taught me, and I found the name of publishing company on the post of small building.
I knocked the door and entered to find small office where heap of paper was standing like a building on every desk.
I was guided to the table and sofa where I was told to sit by a tall guy who seems to be a boss of this office.
He introduced himself as editor in chief but he seems not so reliable.
I offered my resume and he had taken a one glance at fist page.
But He didn't see next page where qualifications were listed, so I thought I was failed this interview.
At next instance he said "Why don't you start right now" for my surprise.
scene Joy_of_humiliation
I thought they would take me to the toilet next, so I said "Can I powder my nose", in a small voice and added "Please".
They returned no answere but I had stood and was entering the restroom of [first food shop].
I noticed that gropers were also standing and followed after me.
I walked slowly and entered the restroom and did not shut the door waiting gropers.
When they entered after me, my whole flesh suddenly start to shiver expecting the humiliation same as high school girl must had.
scene Movie_theater
I found a big signboard of movies in front of a movie theater.
The Chief had let me in the theater and screen was shining brightly.
I had seated next to the chief feeling anxious of movie that might be nasty.
But screen was seems to be a scene of battle field and I was relieved a little.
Big sound of gunfire was loudly surrounded inside the theater when a high school girl was passed by the aisle just near me.
scene standing_watch
She seemed to be searching for seat, but she was walking up and down several times, nevertheless empty seat was found everywhere.
At last she had just come up behind arrays of seats and seems to watch standing.
I had some kind of strange feeling because there were many empty seats.
scene rape_in_the_park
They took [my friend] across the avenue to the narrow street.
Among the branches of high trees I see a small park.
I followed them into the center of dark park surrounded with benchs where couples were sitting closely.
They let [my friend] sit on one of empty bench and also sat both side of her.
I hide my self behind in the back of big tree, and watched what would happen next.
[my friend] then sit ground on her knee, and hide her face putting upon gropers waist.
Another groper scrolled up her skirt from behind and drew her panties down to knee.
Her flesh was exposed in dark light of park.
I was very surprised to see what happening in front of me just then someone had whispered into my ear.
"You want that, slut. Don't you?"
I tried to look back but strong hand had forced me to put my head against tree.
Then I was forced to lay down arms and legs on the foot of tree.
scene sailor_blouse_in_locker
When I was going to put off my Jacket,@chief said "You can use locker over there".
So I walked toward locker beside wall and searched for empty place, then I found a sailor blouse hanging on hanger.
I thought high school girl might have part time job too.
After letting my Jacket hung on the hanger, I was introduced to a girl working next to my seat.
Her name was [my friend] and I was taught that she was a sub editor and also writing articles for magazine sometimes.
She said she will be a great writer in the future and chief encouraged her "Your dream will come true soon, If you write a good article".
And he also encouraged me "You have also a great chance to be a writer in this company".
Then my heart had just beating first thinking of great success as a writer in the future.
Chief handed me some hand writing to type so I began to work on word processor.
title groper_in_theater
scene Summer_champ
When the summer is almost near, I heard about summer camp of chorus club.
Summer camp was used be held at the facilities of the University in Nasu highland.
But this year, another University had proposed to have joined summer camp with our club in another place.
In this case expenditure will be much more higher than expected as usual.
But it will be a good chance to be acquainted with boys from another University.
So many girls are seemed to be very much willingly for this plane.
One of senior said that if we didn't agree immediately, we will loose good chance.
So this plane of joined summer camp was approved on that day.
I was just a bit worried about expenditure of this plan.
After some consideration I decided to do a part time job to earn money for the summer champ.
scene Winter_ski_class
When the summer vacation was over, I knew that ski class will be open in winter.
I didn't know the reason why university held ski class, but Its a rescue for student that the attendance of physical class are insufficient and can get few unit by attending ski class.
I had heard that physical is compulsory and if I would drop it I must repeat year.
And I thought I would be very busy preparing university festival this year, but if I attend ski class in winter I can skip physical class.
But it's so expensive to attend ski class for a university student, so I decided to do part time job before I would became very busy preparing university festival.
scene search_for_part_time_job
I had bought "Part time job magazine" and checked list of part time job of word processor operator.
There are too many jobs in the list but I thought that near location would be better.
I chose one and called its office from public phone at lounge of university, and reception girl had requested me to come next day with resume to have job interview.
scene called_to_hotel
Just then [my friend] called my mobile phone screaming "Help me [Yuki], I am dying."
She also taught me name of hotel and room Number so I rushed into her room.
When I opened the door I found [my friend] lying on the bed, all naked and tied both hand.
I walked in few steps when someone held me from behind.
He pushed me over [my friend] and pressed me upon her bending my arms backward.
scene Disguised_wife
I received another message in my mobile phone.
It ordered me to "Get out of store and get on the black car in front of parking area".
While reading message my fingers began to tremble and I could not send reply.
Any way I must obey order.
I get out of convenience store and found black car just in front of the store.
I walked toward the car slowly on my trembling foot.
The door of the car just opened by the hand of guy put on a pair of sunglasses.
I have no way except get on the front passenger seat of the car.
The black car moved slowly and then shrilly voice had sounded suddenly at my ear "You have been having affair with my husband. Dirty bitch"
She continued "I have clear evidence".
"It was me, who chatted with you just while ago"
"I used voice changer and disguised as guy"
"I also take a photo of your upskirt"
"I know your upskirted photos are upload at Homepage, and my husband took these photo and uploaded".
"You never be going out with my husband. You know Never"
When she finished saying, the car were entering the gate of love hotel
scene evidence_of_e_mail
I had a good idea to ascertain that my husband must send e-mail to me.
One night I said to my hubby after dinner "You are devoted into internet everyday, what do you think of me. If you don't care for me, there is no way except divorce".
He replied nothing at that moment but next morning I had received e-mail saying "My wife threatened me implicating divorce."
"What a dirty bitch, I would divorce her myself before she divorce me. I love you honey. I am always faithful to you"
It meant he confessed himself the truth.
scene Extramarital affairs
Knowing the reason why my husband got rapturous in the Internet, and not allowed me to use PC, I get angry deeply in my mind.
I wanted to get secure evidence of his extramarital affairs, so I decided to be a member of this club to explore his behavior.
So I answered reception girl "I would like to be a member of this club, if I could possibly" and her reply was "You need some another member's introduction. Do you have any? Madam"
Then I had shown her my husband's membership card, so she get out digital camera and take a photo of me.
Then using PC, she printed out the membership card of me.
She also explained the membership fee is free for female and I was relieved that I need not spend much money.
She taught me how to make profile of mine and write request about partner who I want to be acquainted with on Internet.
After all procedure was finished I said "Thank you, I will come again some other time" and went back home.
scene e_mail_from_his_company
Next day, I have received may e-mails to my surprise.
I checked every e-mail and I found suspicious one from my husband's company.
I also checked his profile on club and it seemed that he must be my hubby without doubt.
I send few e-mails to him and learned how to respond then he began to write about bad thing about his boss in his company and also bad things about his wife.
I convinced that he must be perfectly my hubby in the world.
scene good_idea_to_meet_hubby
But I didn't know how to do next to condemn my hubby.
So I called [my friend] and ask for advice.
Then she had a good idea.
I would send mail to my hubby and make a promise to meet with me in some where.
And then [my friend] meet with my hubby disguising [my friend] was send mails to my hubby.
It seemed a very smart idea.
If I myself met with husband and let him know that I was send mails, he would be extremely get angry , but if [my friend] was a sender of mail it would be perfectly my hubby to be blamed.
So I send mail to hubby to meet in [first food shop] at [downtown].
scene Lesson_of_love
She had drawn my hand into the small room, then bunch of guys were waiting for me.
"Teach her a good lesson, and make her know about Joy of love." she spited her order laughing loudly, and got out of the room leaving me the words "Be a good bitch".
I noticed immediately that I had no way, when they had assaulted me.
I had forced to break down to the floor.
scene love_hotels_in_back_street
I had got a bit anxious and sneaked into the amusement center decidedly.
I walked around inside the building searching for [my friend].
But I could not find her figure in any floor.
When I had got back down to first floor, I found back door opening to a narrow street behind the amusement center.
Both side of street I could see neon sing of love hotels.
[my friend] must have grumbled in to one of these hotels I thought.
But I didn't know how to find out where she had captured.
scene Mail_buddy
When I returned home, I attempt to operate the PC of my husband.
But he was not so stupid and had protected his data by secret pass word and could not log in his account.
So I logged in using my account formerly he had made for me, and also protected my data setting my own pass word.
Then I write a profile of mine suitably as reception girl had taught me, and uploaded to the site of "Dirty wife whore discipline club".
I also wrote requirement of partner and it was exactly same as the husband's annual income and hobbies.
scene reply_of_mail
Next day I have received a lot of e-mails.
I replied some of them to ascertain what my husband doing in the internet.
Few days later, one of mail baddy send me a message saying that he want to do voice chat with me.
I think my husband must use voice chat and do something deceiving me.
So I determined to try voice chat myself with mail buddy in order to ascertain what my hauband doing on voice chat.
scene meet_at_first_food_shop
We had arrived before appointed time, and I hid myself behind back street across [first food shop] while [my friend] was waiting my hubby.
When appointed time was near, [my friend] had picked up her mobile phone.
It seemed that my hubby coming near to her.
When [my friend] put off mobile phone into her bag, someone talked to her.
I could watch him only from behind, and he seemed not my husband.
They got out of [first food shop] and walking along the street down to a amusement center.
They enter together into the building of amusement center, so I waited them coming out again.
But they did not coming out for a long time.
scene Online_discipline_club
I decided to go to the place where reception girl had taught me.
I have picked up my driving license card from drawer which I have never used since I got it.
When I got off train at [downtown], I searched small building behind a condominium in a narrow alley.
I entered the entrance and pretty dressed reception girl greeted me with smile.
My mind was full of suspicion but I try to pretend not to show my emotion.
I attempted to ask her "I have telephoned just while ago."
"Could I hear you how it goes?" so she answered in clear voice "This club is online discipline club for house wives, you know".
"Specialized in online discipline play."
"Using Internet site, we are matching best partners according to your request."
"So you can contact with your Discipline Master by e-mail"
The reception girl seemed to be accustomed to explain these matters.
scene Put_off_panties
Using my fingers as his order I heard my voice gasping deeply again and again.@His forceful voice saying repeatedly "You are bitch, dirty bitch. You are HENTAI" made me extremely hot and horny and bring me beyond my limit of endurance.
"Put off you panties right now. Its order and you must obey me. Do it right now" next order had sentence to me.
I was standing from chair and put off my panties immediately.
"You are going to a convenience store nearby and read magazines while you are standing"
"You choose magazine for adult and bent you body when you pick up magazine"
"You know what I mean. You are ass are easily up skirted from every one in the store, bitch"
Knowing the meaning of his order, my whole body was trembling furiously.
But hot stream had flood out endlessly from myself and my will had no more resist his order.
Let the PC as it was, I opened the door and go out to the convenience store nearby as his order.
scene Secret_club
I attempted to hear on the telephone "How is your club?" without thinking anything. Then answer returned "No problem Madam, our customers are all steady of identity."
"We keep secret and many house wives are joining us, no problem Madam".
Hearing words "secret", my suspicion growing bigger in my mind.
So I asked "Can I join your club too?", then reception girl explained "You need your self identification like driving license card, and also you need another members introduction"
At once I had a good idea and finished the telephone saying "thank you. I am coming soon".
title wife_whore_discipline
scene Suspicious_membership_card_from_pocket
I had examined pockets of my husband's winter coat before bringing to laundry shop, when I found small membership card.
I thought it might be a membership card of rental video shop or some another.
I don't care about it at first, but it might not be disposed so I was going to put it on the table of his room where his PC was stetted.
However, before I put it on his desk I examined the membership card again, and seeing closely it seemed very suspicous.
scene Call_the_number
I found telepone number on the back of it and I cannot stop growing suspicion in my mind,
So I called this number, and Reception girl's merrely voice just returned to my ear.
scene Telephone_from_convenience_store
Early in the morning I had had a Telephone call from convenience store near here.
It said that someone had dropped his wallet in front of store and it might be my husband's wallet and my husband might have dropped it when he came convenience store last night.
I remember that this morning my husband searched for his wallet and could not find it.
He blamed me saying "You must put it somewhere. Don't touch my wallet or anything else of mine"
But at last he himself lost his wallet and that was not my fault.
I got just angry while I was coming to convenience store to get back his wallet.
When I went back home, I thought I should better check the wallet.
But when I picked out all of cards in his wallet I found a card that seemed very suspicious.
scene Upskirt_in_convenience_store
The automatic door of convenience store opened and voice of sales person "What can I do for you?" reached my ear, when my lower back began to shiver again from the knee.
Passing through the front of the register, I went to the magazine counter.
There were many kind of comic magazine and I found dirty comics for ladies.
I picked up one of them and opened it, but I cannot see any picture on it.
I heard foot step just passing behind me and my knee had shivered more hard.
Again and again I had picked up a comics leaning forward my body and after turning over a few page returned back to counter.
But nothing had happened so I walk toward entrance when my mobile phone had received a mail.
I opened my mobile phone and at the display I found photos of upskirt.
At first I don't know the reason of these photos but looking closely I noticed that these photo were my upskirt taken just while ago.
It is very certain that the guy that I had voice chatted with must be in this convenience store watched and upskirted me for a while.
My whole body was almost frozen to death and could not look around inside the store.
I stood on shivering foot and might broke down to the floor.
scene Voice_chat_sex
I had made an appointment by e-mail to meet at voice chat when my husband would out at night.
Setting head phone and microphone on my head I was waiting at voice chat room.
Waiting a short while I received message from guy and suddenly low voice of him was surrounded into me ears.
I replied his greeting and have conversations that seemed no harm then he started straight to the subject saying that "How are your hubby doing. Is he good to you?"
"Don't you feel lonely now, and how would you like when you are lonely".
I tried to reply "I have something to do when I was lonely".
So he continued "When you are lonely, would you like to watch TV or would you like to Karaoke, or would you like to have a drink. But you know you have something when you are lonely most of all, aren't you?"
"How about doing it right now, don't you slut? You are slut aren't you. and you are bitch in fact".
So I understood that what my husband doing late at night while I was sleeping.
I thought I must stop voice but I could not.
"Use your fingers at you breast. Grab your breast softly" so I used my fingers as I was in a dream.
"So you feel good, don't you? Then you want use another hand to you most sensitive place you know"
"You cannot stop it because you are doing every day when you are lonely and you are lonely now".
He sexy voice did not allow me to stop my fingers and I was waiting his next order that would be more exciting.
select case_of_find_suspicious_card
select dirty_wife_whore_discipline
scene hubby_meet_with_my_friend
{Extramarital affairs}
scene chat_with_disguised_wife
{Extramarital affairs}
scene study_text_book
After having tea, she seemed to have settled down her feeling and picked up text book from her baggage and began studing at my hubby's desk.
I thought she would be better not be disturbed so I let her alone herself till my hubby come home.
scene Amulet_for_examination
When my hubby had come home we have dinner together.
After dinner he handed package of Tokyu Hands to niece saying that "I had found good amulet. You are sure pass the examination if you wear it".
When she opened the package she found a set of amulet for examination.
One is a head band labeled "Pass Exam", and another was handkerchief printed many kinds of English word.
She opened handkerchief but to her surprise it was not a handkerchief but panties for woman.
I looked at my hubby's face but he did not seem to annoy her.
Her face turn red and ashamed but she said "Thank you very much for you kindness" to my hubby as politely as possible.
scene Bursting_breast
Her body was rather skinny but her breast was bursting out from her white blouse and looked very unbalanced compared with her innocent face.
She had carried many text books to prepare for examination, but had no cloths to change.
I thought she should have cloths with her for staying a few days, but I decided to tell her nothing about that.
I had guided her to my hubby's room to let her baggage down, and offered her some tea for rest.
She looked anxious and wanted to ascertain the avenue of examination.
I had shown her map around University and taught her way to the avenue many times, but she didn't accusttomed to ride on subway and seemed to be embarrassed.
scene called_from_relative
Early in the spring I had call from my relative.
It was a request to house my niece who supposed to be having entrance examination.
I had got a bit cross because It must be considered as quite natural to accept that request.
But I could not deny request from my relative so I answered "It's OK".
scene Cherry_park
I heard that [he] had become an assistant in the university somewhere but it seemed he was now examiner of entrance examination.
Another e-mail said "Come Cherry park behind university, in the noon recess, or she will fail exam because of cheating."
I understood rightly that I have no way except obey him.
I leave the coffee shop saying to Kinuyo "I will come again later when exam will finish".
I went straight to the Cherry park behind university and waited [he] till noon.
After few hours I saw [he] coming down from back gate of university when my legs were stating to shiver.
He also noticed me when he was coming nearer.
He was holding blue file in his arm.
When He came in front of bench, He nodded rightly and sat beside me, opening his files.
It was a digital photo print enlarged widely.
At first I could not recognize what it was, but it seemed upskirted photo of niece in subway last day.
scene Crowded_subway
Next morning I and my niece got on subway just earlier than yesterday.
But subway was very crowded in stead of my expectation and niece said "Today is more crowded than yesterday".
Next station There were many high school girls on platform and It seemed that they were students of girls high school near hear.
When subway stopped and doors were opened many high school girls were getting on subway all together.
It seemed that I had chosen worse time for gropers and got anxious of my niece.
scene groper_in_subway
After few stations many passengers were getting on and my niece had pushed to the corner near door just then she gazed at me with miserable expression just as looking for help.
Then I noticed a guy behind my niece who pushing his body to niece.
I thought I knew his face in somewhere and he also noticed me.
When he grinned a little in his mouth, I remembered that he was [he] who was member of same inter college chorus club when I was university student.
He was known as "OTAKU" when he was student, and I got angry knowing that he was now a kind of groper.
When I gazed into his eyes strongly enough, he turned his face to another direction.
scene Dirty_business
One of passengers walking toward subway station gave a glance at me then he entered the shop and sat beside me.
He whispered in to my ears "I know you on Internet, you would like to give blowjob here in a toilet ", and with a smile he offered 10000 yen bill to my hands.
"You are dirty house wife. Don't you? And It's a good place for business you know."
Then I understood what trick [he] had done.
He had uploaded my digital photo just opening thighs and exposed myself now on the internet with nasty word.
And also I know what I must do now.
I was urged by the man to the toilet.
He also followed me in to narrow room and just stand in front of me.
scene Entrance_examination
Next day, she got up early in the morning and came home after having examination of first day.
She seemed very tired and did not say anything.
I thought I should better not ask about examination at the time, but after having dinner I ask her "How about today's exam" in soft voice as I could.
She replied in timid voice that "Subway of Tokyo is very crowded and some of them are very", but she stopped her words and could not continue.
I asked her "Do they do something to you", but she did not reply to my question.
Without her words I noticed immediately what she would mean.
It some times happen in crowded subway, when high school girl have attractive breast and looked timid and innocent.
So I proposed to her "Next morning, I will accompany with you to the avenue. So you will have no problem. Don't you?"
Then she seemed just a bit relieved and said "Thank you. Please".
scene found_niece_at_toilet_for_disable
I had searched for her everywhere inside the park behind the university, but I cannot find her after all.
I thought it might be another park, but I reminded of toilet for disable.
She might possibly take rest there, so I tried to open the door.
When I pushed the button to open the door, I found my niece sitting on the toilet to my great surprise gagged on her mouth and bind both hands to the handrail pipe.
I walked in few step to help my niece toward her inside the toilet just then door closed again behind me.
scene get_anxious_on_subway
While I was on the subway to the university, I was anxious about her examination.
Perhaps she might not had written answer well, because of stomach ache and if she failed the examination it's my fault to let her have [soup] before examination.
scene going_together_to_avenue
In the morning of examination, I had got a bit anxious of my niece so I decided to accompany with her to the avenue.
I confirmed the map of subway many times and had left home early enough.
My niece looked anxious of examination and seemed to feel uneasy.
I bought tickets and get down to the platform.
When we got on subway, I found many other students who opened text books and prepared for examination.
scene called_from_daddy
Early in the spring I had call from my daddy who seldom call me.
He announced that I would have a guest who is going to receive entrance examination of University in Tokyo.
She was my niece and I could not deny my father's request so I answered "It's OK".
scene High_school_girl_was_niece
A few days before entrance examination, my niece had arrived from her home town.
She was wearing uniform of high school which I had onec worn.
So I feel a bit sentimental feeling about her.
She looked like my grandmother and have innocent atmosphere.
Her behavior was just like as junior high school girl in Tokyo, and her expression was also showing her nature.
I had got a little heart full feeling reminded my high school days.
scene coming_to_avenue
Next station we got off subway and [he] had vanished somewhere.
I was anxious so I had accompanied with my niece to the main gate of university.
scene enter_gate_of_avenue
Gate keeper was checking admission ticket when students were entering the avenue through a narrow gate.
scene Meet_again
I confirmed that my niece entered the gate and then turn around to go back home when I heard a merrily voice "Hay Yuki. Long time no see".
She was Kinuyo who was classmate at the time of university.
"You had accompanied with student to have entrance exam. Don't you? Me too."
We have hugged together and pleased to meet again.
She began to talking while we were walking back to the subway station.
When I turned around the comer to the station, I could see a coffee shop we used to gather with friends in my university days.
In these days I had have coffee with other friends after lecture and talked long time.
Kinuyo seemed to have sentimental feeling too, and said "Let's have some coffee".
She pulled my arms to the door of the coffee shop, and I found everything was same as those days inside the shop.
I took a seat where I used to sit and Kinuyo too.
scene pushing_down_in_the_toilet
I tried to look back when somebody folded me from behind and pushed down to floor.
Unfolding his arms I kicked back him and stood up to run away through the door.
But he was standing in front of the door to prevent me from escape.
I gasped with surprise when I saw his face gazing me. He was [he] himself.
When I halted few second, he rushed me with all his body to pushing down me to the floor again.
scene return_home_from_avenue
They said that attendant could not accompany with student into avenue, so I got back home after confirming my niece had entered the gate.
title high_school_upskirt
select case_of_visit_of_niece
select high_school_girl_upskirt
scene high_school_girl_upskirt_sick_at_park
scene high_school_girl_upskirt_opened_thigh
scene sick_at_the_pack_near_university
Late at noon when examination supposed to be finished, I had call on mobile phone from my niece.
She said "Sorry I feel sick after examination, and I had been resting near the university. Please come and bring me back home".
I knew from her explanation that she must be resting in the park just behind the back gate of university.
I supposed that [soup] in the [first food shop] might caused her something bad.
So I picked up medicine for stomach from first aid box and put it into may bag, when I rushed out from my home.
scene Upskirt_photo
Part time waitress was not familiar and already changed, but the menu she handed to me was almost same but seal was over labeled upon prices.
I noticed that price of coffee was just a bit higher than those days.
After having coffee Kinuyo had e-mail on her mobile phone from avenue of examination.
It said "Exam begin soon, I gonna die."
I was very surprised when Kinuyo had shown me e-mail.
It seemed many thing had changed from when I had took examination.
After a while when it was almost beginning of examination I have received another e-mail and also digital photo on my mobile phone.
When I had checked it, it was a photo of student from avenue and looked like very much my nieces face.
She had no mobile phone so It could not happen that she had sent it by herself.
When I receive next photo, I was greatly surprised and confused.
It was a upskirt photo of my niece, with panties printed English words.
E-mail also said "This bitch is cheating on an exam" and I noticed that [he] must took this photo and sent me.
scene Wait_till_begining_of_examinaion
When we had get out of subway station, I found [first food shop] I used have coffee when I was University student.
We had enough time till the beginning of examination. So I entered the [first food shop] together with niece.
My niece had [soup] instead of coffee because she did not accustomed with coffee.
I tried to encourage her, but she could not answer except nodding a few times.
I let her have my mobile phone number, written in piece of paper and she put it to the bottom of pencil box.
After she finished her [soup] we were coming up to the gate of university.
scene Wide_opened_thighs
"If you don't obey me, I will upload these upskirt photos on the homepage of internet. I have many of another photo" [he] whispered me in low threatening voice.
Then he ordered me "Take of your panties right now, and give it to me".
I was looking at his eyes but I noticed I had no choice so I had put off my white panties and handed it to him ashamedly.
His next ordered was "Come along with me", but my shivering legs could not walk forward.
He pulled my arms and forced me to get out of cherry park.
He leaded me through a back street of university to a McDonald's.
Then he whispered "Enter this shop and sit near the window" so I enter the McDonald's alone and after having bought coffee I sat on a stall facing to a window glass.
He went across the street over pedestrian overpass and called me on mobile phone.
"Open your thighs widely and let me watch you pussy. You know what would be happen if you don't do it right now"
I was obliged to open my thighs a little, but my whole flesh had began to shiver while I tried to open my thighs more wider as his order.
scene Adult_DVD_actress
My womb was screaming "Let me come to the heaven" craving for cock to engorge.
I enter the room setting DVD theater system which my hubby had been proud of so much.
I knew that he hide secret adult video which his colleague had brought from U.S.A.
It was a rape video of Japanese actress fucked with American guy.
Unbelievable huge cock had entering little pussy of Japanese girl repeatedly and strongly.
I squeezed my breast with my hand and my whole flesh could not stop shivering.
Firing flame had got me and I had trembled on more and more hardly.
I knew I have no way so I reminded of women's massage parlor [my friend] had told me.
My womb had craved for heaven enthusiastically and let me made up my mind to go to women's massage parlor.
scene Adult_video_actress
My womb was screaming "Let me come to the heaven" craving for cock to engorge.
I enter the room setting DVD theater system which my hubby had been proud of so much.
I knew that he hide secret adult video which his colleague had brought from U.S.A.
It was a rape video of Japanese actress fucked with American guy.
Unbelievable huge cock had entering little pussy of Japanese girl repeatedly and strongly.
I squeezed my breast with my hand and my whole flesh could not stop shivering.
Firing flame had got me and I had trembled on more and more hardly.
I knew I have no way so I reminded of women's massage parlor [my friend] had told me.
My womb had craved for heaven enthusiastically and let me made up my mind to go to women's massage parlor.
scene Aphrodisiac_from_Hawaii
When he returned from his travel, he picked up some kind of dried grass from his baggage.
"You know what. It tremendously effective aphrodisiac especially for female"
"If you have it, you will feel good and high and flying to the heaven over night" he lectured me with a proud face.
But that grass was very suspicious and seemed to get from somewhere naughty to say.
So I had started to inquire him "So how did you know its so effective? Did you have tried with someone, or how do you now its gonna bring someone to the heaven."
Then he realized that he had made a slip of the tongue instantly, and he shut up his mouth and never talked about this grass.
scene arrive_at_the_woman's_massage_parlor
I knew that there was no way expect coming to women's massage parlor with her.
When I arrived at the subway station she already stood in front of women's massage parlor.
We entered the parlor to found walls all painted pink.
There was small waiting room and plate of reception counter was setting on small desk.
Slender girl was smiling to us who seemed to be a receptionist wearing white costume like a nurse in hospital.
We wrote entry seat and then guided narrow aisle behind the reception desk.
scene bottle_was_viagra
After paying bill, I reminded of small bottle so I asked him "Do you know what is this? My husband brought it as a prize of golf competition yesterday. But he did not seem to know what it is".
I handed over the bottle to him and he began to examine label of bottle written in English.
Then he burst out laughing "Madame. It's a viagra, you know. Ha ha ha. It's a medicine for guys that don't stand well enough"
scene brought_to_heaven_with_my_friend
With the effect of female viagra my flesh was gradualy brought up to the heaven and suspended on the joyfull supreme plesure with soft and strong touch of fingers.
I was almost gone to eternal heaven but fingers brough me more and more to the suprem joy.
When I felt tears flood from my eyes I was released from superior finger tecqnic of massager.
[my friend]'s eye was also full of tears and she could not find what would say to me when she turned face to me.
I could not wake up for a while but guradualy felt easy and confotable after full of tears.
scene called_from_my_friend_affected_with_female_viagra
Just then I had called on mobile phone form [my friend].
She said in trembling voice "I am going to women's massage parlor right now. Why don't you come with me? I can not go alone you know. Please won't you please come with me?"
I know from tone of her voice that effect of female viagra is appeared to her also, and it affected her very strongly.
scene Comic_cafe
One of them had said "I know good cafe for us", so we were escorted to a small building and going up stair to the "Comic cafe*".
I did not understand why this cafe was good for us but I entered a small room with [my friend].
There were PC connected to Internet and they operated it to display footage of somewhere.
It was footage of naked woman lying on bed and having a massage from TV camera just looking down her.
My face had turned white when I saw face on footage screaming loudly.
It was myself and footage was taken short while ago at that massage parlor.
I heard whispering voice "You know what. You must obey us any way. Do you understand?"
He switched PC and changed screen then another footage was [my friend]'s screaming face in the midst of heavenly joy.
[my friend] had just held my hand and stepped closer to me and I could feel [my friend]'s knee started trembling.
scene effect_of_female_viagra
I had been observing [my friend] while we had been chatting but nothing had happen to her to my disappointment.
[my friend] had gone back home saying "Its time for preparing dinner".
When I had washed tea cups in the kitchen, I feel a kind of numb deep inside my flesh.
Then my brain had begun heating hot and felt dizzy like in the mist.
I could notice that I had drink tea with female viagra myself by mistake.
Suddenly feeling of numb was spread around all my flesh heating my blood hot with strong pulse.
Deep in side from my womb hot stream of lava had flooded out endlessly while my whole fresh began to shiver hard.
I knew that the effect of female viagra was now assaulted me.
I could only know that my womb craving nothing but thick fat cock enough to satisfy it.
scene grass_from_whore
Then he asked me "What did your husband said about this grass?"
So I answered "I heard it makes female feel good and bring to heaven".
He started laughing loudly again and said "He must have cheated by whore who pretended herself as a good example of this drug. Ha ha ha."
"By the way If you needed viagra to your husband, you can purchase privately, It's really have good effect. You know".
scene Female_viagra
I have then became just curious about Viagra, so I asked him "Is it really effective, that viagra" so he laughed again and answered "Of course its very effective, If your husband had it he will stand all night. Ha ha ha".
Then he turned his voice to a small tone and whispered to me "I have some other medicines than viagra"
"I don't offer them to another customer but you are very special customer".
With a grin in his face, he picked up two piles from his baggage and offered it for me.
"Its really female viagra, it's secret between us".
"Would you like to use this medicine to night, your husband will be very pleased and satisfied with you sexy attitude toward him".
scene get_prize_on_golf
I knew well that my husband were very easy to get hot and also easy to bore, I said nothing and let him do as he liked.
On the day of golf competition, he get up early in the morning and back home late at night.
He opened his baggage proudly and picked up small package saying "Here, I've got a prize".
I thought it must be a digital camera as he badly wanted but I found a small bottle in it.
scene Gone_to_heaven
She asked me "did you have it too?"
I didn't know what she meant but I thought she might also know about female viagra so I answered "yes, just while ago"
She explained me "It's effect is strong enough after one hour or so. Aren't you?"
But I could not answer her question.
She began to use her hand and brought me to the heaven thousand times.
After relaxing gradually, curtain had opened and [my friend] had shown her face.
She taught me "Your screaming was really great. You must have felt good too much more than me. don't you?" and I had ashamed of myself.
When we were leaving massage parlor, reception girl had told us "Two guys are hoping to go out with you. Would you like to go out with them tonight. They are very tough and strong enough to satisfy you very much. Madam" and we could not refuse her proposal.
scene Go_to_Women's_massage_parlor
I tried to walk to the subway station.
But it was very long way than usually on my trembling foot.
I had reached to the reception desk, and then she guided me to a massage room.
A pink small bed was set on the small room that was partitioned with curtain.
I lied down on the bed only with panties.
Massager wearing pink uniform had stood beside me and said to me "You are well come Madam. Please relax and let me begin".
At that moment I heard screaming voice of women behind next curtain.
"She is having our massage for the first time. And she is sensitive and feeling extremely good, as great as she never experienced"
Then I heard her also crying "[my friend] is dying, [my friend] is dying now. No no don't stop it".
So I noticed [my friend] was laying next and having massage already, and also noticed the effect of female viagra was extremely strong enough.
scene guided_to_compartment_of_massage
There were small compartment both side of aisle separated by pink curtain.
I could hear groan of women who seemed to have massage from somewhere.
When I looked [my friend]'s face her eyes anxiously searched the direction of groan.
We were guided to compartments for us and asked "Do you like to open the curtain".
I answered "Yes" and nodded slightly then she opened curtain separating next compartment of [my friend].
There was small massage table height of which was just waist level of massager.
[my friend] was the first to put off her clothes and I had all so put off my clothes and changed into baby doll that was handed to me.
scene guided_to_compartment_of_massage
I heard voice form behind "Pleas lie on this table", and soon while massager had came in to compartment.
She seemed foreigner for Asia and said something in broken Japanese before starting massage.
Feeling the fingers of massager in my back, I close my eyes then suddenly I heard scream of [my friend].
I knew how good she felt and also she must know how good I felt but I could not conscious of my voice myself.
scene internet_social_club
After a while we changed clothes again and were going out of parlor when reception girl detained us saying "do you know our social club on internet? You can join now free on special campaign for our customer"
I was attracted by word "Free" because of housewife myself.
So I inquired about detail of that "social club".
"At first you take photo using mobile phone then upload it on homepage of social club with your profile"
"Another member can search these photos and send e-mail to you mobile phone"
"So you can contact with another guys as easy as pie"
I thought it would be a very suspicious club in her words, but [my friend] had interested in its easiness and replied instantly "OK I will try it, if it's really free".
So I also determined to try this internet social club.
scene jerked_in_to_love_hotel
It was not a long while when fat and bald guy approaching me from near corner.
He held my hand without say any words and jerked me in to love hotel.
When I found big bed in the room he forced me to lay down on it.
scene join_the_internet_social_club
Reception girl explained also that "our customers are all steady of identity. So you can fully enjoy this creditable social club."
But I thought there must be no creditable internet social club in the world.
Then she took our digital photos using her mobile phone and after few operations she had up loaded our photo on the homepage of that club.
scene Medicine_distributor
When I had been having tea at the sitting room, I was called from salesman of the household medicine distributor of Toyama.
He was coming to collect the medicine charge, so I prepared medicine box, at the vestibule.
After a short while salesman had arrived and ring the bell.
He began to check medicine box to find out used medicine and then calculated sum of price.
scene grass_from_Hawaii
I just remembered dried grass upon shoe cupboard so I tried ask about it "do you know this?"
He start laughing when I said "Its a kind of drug my husband bought from Hawaii".
With face full smile he answered honestly "Its a only a weed, just growing beside road everywhere"
"In Hawaii some kind of imposter sells such weed as a drug to a tourist, and many Japanese pay much money for such so called grass without knowing anything. Ha Ha Ha."
scene my_friend_go_in_to_love_hotel
When I found [my friend] just enter into love hotel with another guy, I realized that she must have received e mail from some guy who was member of that internet social club.
I was also uploaded photo at that same time but [my friend] got e mail so fast and I don't have e-mail yet.
It meant [my friend] was attractive and might be sexy than me to play with, in any means.
I was getting envious and also got a little angry thinking of this fact.
scene practice_of_golf
One Sunday morning my husband was going out to the practice field of golf, so I insisted crossly that "You had promised me to go shopping. Don't you?"
He excused that "We are going to have golf competition in our company. Prize of winner is digital camera. I cannot miss this chance".
It was very certain that he would not win prize because of his poor skill of golf, but he insisted to practice and began to patting on rag in living room.
Late at night, I began to prepare Huton or Japanese mattress on the TaTami floor, then he started also putting golf ball on the Huton saying "I must practice banker shot".
scene prize_was_medicine_for_diet
I tried to ascertain what it was, but he answered "I don't know well. It might be some kind of medicine for diet".
I thought I should not interrogate him so strongly, or he might get cross.
Then I asked him "Then how do you like tonight. My master", before preparing bath for him, but his reply was "I was tired a bit, so I want sleep right now" so I prepared Huton for him instead.
Next morning my husband went to his office as usual.
scene receive_e-mail_in_front_of_love_hotel
Just then my mobile phone received e-mail.
I searched message and it said "Hi dirty slut, you wanna cock. don't you?"
It must be e-mail from male member of that social club.
I dont know how to respond his message, but I knew that he also want come love hotel in front of me together.
Then next message arrived saying "Do you wanna some fun right now?" when my kneecap had began to shiver knowing his desire.
I replied "I am boring every day". So mail returned saying "You wanna enjoy my cock right now. don't you? I want fuck you right now"
My reply was "I am in front of love hotel".
I knew what would cause this e mail but I could not help myself.
scene receive_mail_while_having_coffee
When we went out form parlor, she suggested me to have coffee just near the subway station.
So we entered the [first food shop] where we used to have coffee.
While having coffee [my friend] took out mobile phone and began to send e mail.
After a while she said "I have appointment to meet my friend" and got out of [first food shop].
I had some kind of suspicious feeling so I chased her from behind.
title female_viagra
select case_of_get_viagra
scene get_prize_of_golf_competition
scene get_back_with_grass_from_Hawaii
select female_viagra_and_massage
scene female_viagra_and_massage_e_mail
scene female_viagra_and_massage_comic_cafe
scene Tea_with_female_viagra
After salesman of medicine distributor had left, [my friend] had visited me as usual to wasting time.
She had carried quite a few of persimon in her big baggage that had received from her parent in home town.
I had just got a mischivous idea to let her have female viaga before I try it myself.
I cut persimmon to some pieces, and then I dropped female viagra in green tea and served them together on the table.
[my friend] began to have persimon with tea.
However, when she finished her tea, nothing had happend to her to my disappointment.
Then I had recommended some cookie to her and served another cup of tea with female viagra in it again.
scene Threatened_blowjob
Voice whispered "To begin with, we would like enjoy your throat at toilet" but this time tone of voice was rather louder and threatening.
I knew what they meant on trembling foot but No way except obey their order.
They fold their hands behind our ass and pushed us in to the toilet
scene Travel_to_Hawaii
After having dinner my husband came out of room where PC was setting with extremely joyful expression.
He said just he had hit the prize on the Internet and this prize was discount ticked of travel to Hawaii.
He had hit the most unbelievable 30% off discount than usual.
I just try to say "May be, It might be dead stock. And bargaining to everyone".
But my husband insisted that "I had hit the best prize. What a gorgeous prize".
So I thought it might better not disturb his feeling. I decided to let him travel to Hawaii alone because prize was only one ticket, although it must be humbug at all.
Next Friday he had started three days travel to Hawaii joyfully.
scene Women's_massage_parlor
After having tea she asked me "do you know women's massage parlor had opened just behind subway station".
I replied "I hadn't heard of it. When did it open?"
Then she continued "Wife of neighborhood say, after having massage and going out of parlor, she always happen to be called by a guy"
So I ask "For what?"
"I don't know well, but they seemed to go together into love hotel near there. It's queer. Isn't it?"
I had no idea about it, but I asked also "Do you know what kind of services they do in this women's massage parlor? Do they offer some extra services?"
But her answer was rather vague "I don't know well, but it seemed some kind sexual activity. But massager is a female not a male."
I didn't understand the situation well but I said "May be such kind of things are preferred by some kind of women", and [my friend] agreed with it.
scene Another_bid_club
"You never going to that bid club, you understood? Instead you are going to another bid club of my family"
One of guy had spoken to [my friend] and shake here hardly folding her breast.
I understood vaguely that there were two bid club run by different criminal organization that compete each other.
And he also threatened us saying "you are going to hotel with our customer. If you don't to do that right now, you will learn good lesson with you pretty face"
I knew that I had no way except obey him.
It seemed another girl had been knocked down at good price at their bid club.
But she run away with money, so their customer had got angry.
So they brought us from the bid club of competitor for compensation.
I knew well about my destiny with this good customer.
But I had made up mind to accept it because of fear.
We had going back to the packing area accompanied with customer waiting at next room.
scene buy_from_vending_machine
There were many vending machines stood along the wall.
One of guys had handed [my friend] some coins to buy drink anything we wanted.
I said to [my friend] "Anything would OK" so [my friend] bought two bottle of fibe mini* and handed me one.
*fibe mini: Japanese soft drink with dietary fibers.
Then another guy started "Do you know the reason why this bottle are shaped that way?"
[my friend] replied "Of course easy to drink" but he continued "Of course you are right. But do you know another place to plunge a small top and thick root thing like that"
Then I noticed that he started dirty talk, very nasty for a [my friend].
[my friend] also seemed to notice it and replied "I used to play with it when I was a junior high school. I need it badly when I had not boyfriend to play with" and make a mischievous smile to him.
They continued another dirty talk, but [my friend] had answered well without changing face.
scene Double_fantasy_on_love_hotel
We put off sailor uniform and lay on the bed waiting for guys.
They opened refrigerator and take out beers and drank it while they were putting off their clothes.
They seemed to talk about choose of girl with joking each other.
[my friend] was looking up chandelier uneasy and then she looked around mirrors surrounded big bed.
After a short while of beer guys came nearer, and sat on the edge of bed beside us.
[my friend] seemed determined her mind when she opened her thigh with standing knee upward.
scene expose_on_spiral_staircase
Steep steps of spiral staircase made it very easy to upskirt form floor near entrance.
When guys had reached down to the very spot that would be best position to upskirt, I realized the reason why they brought us the very top floor of this building.
My skirt of Sailor uniform was too short to prevent upskirt in any way. Moreover I could not reach first floor except down stepping this spiral staircase.
I helplessly stepped down on my trembling knees but I could hardly move my step down.
My trembling thigh almost made me sit down on the steps, but I desperately moved my legs step by step in order to escape from this shameful place.
Then loud voice of guys had sounded "Down first bitch", and at that instant my flesh had start to tremble from my head to toe as struck by thunder.
When I got to the first floor at last, [my friend] had been panting with tears in her eyes and shivering shoulders.
We got out of building, to find taxi already waiting for us.
They whispered in to my ears "We are going to have good time" but I could not reply to object it.
scene High_school_girl_bid_club
We got out of [first food shop], and turned corner a few times to a small building beside narrow alley.
In front of the building I saw sign board "High school girl bid club [bid club]", but I did not know what it meant.
When we reached reception counter they explained me "This is a bid club. You know."
"High school girls were bided from guys here".
Then [my friend] asked him "What dose it mean bid from guys" so he replied "You must have tea for an hour, who bid you at most high price. Of course you can talk with him anything you like".
"Is that all? Only have a tea?" I asked in order to confirm the fact then he replied also "Absolutely. He might suppose to do something with you. But you can deny if you don't want or you don't in the mode to do so."
"Even more you can select any topic you want to talk with him".
I thought it might be very funny to talk about any topics with someone who was completely stranger for me.
So I answered "I might try it. If it really true" and [my friend] also agreed.
scene High_school_girl_on_same_uniform
Inside of [first food shop] was very crowded and many highs school girls were waiting their turn in front of register.
I ordered coffee and searched for empty seat, when I just found luckily other high shool girls were standing up from their seat.
I put on tray on the table but when I was going to take a seat, I heard voice from behind "Can I sit this table with you?"
I turned back to found [my friend] holding tray in her hand.
I gazed her a little while and notice that she was wearing same sailor uniform just as mine.
But she was already take her seat in front of me, and seemed to think of me as a student of same girls' high school.
scene invited_to_wedding
I had received a letter that seemed invitation for wedding.
So I opened it and it was invitation from senior of my high school.
She was also member of English speaking society as me, but after graduate high school I did not meet her so often because she was entered another university.
scene taxi_was_waiting_at_parking_area
I saw the taxi still waiting at parking area.
scene Jerked_in_to_love_hotel_on_taxi
[my friend] entered the front seat of taxi next to driver but she seemed somehow accustomed in her way of sliding her ass on the seat.
I was forced to sit in the center of back seat accompanied with guys from both side.
Taxi driver was told destination which seemed love hotel near here.
When the taxi started moving toward the road, guy's finger reached upon my kneecap.
He enjoyed feeling of hollow of my kneecap and began to move his finger tips slightly.
I cannot help shivering my thighs when his fingers vibrated softly on my inside of kneecap up and down.
Unexpected feeling had flooded out from my bud and spread gradually to the every tip of limbs.
My body was getting heavier and I was almost dreaming in the wet dream.
After a short while, taxi had arrived at the entrance of love hotel.
[my friend] and I were ordered to put off sailor uniform by myself while they were watching contentedly.
scene Knock_down_bid
We were guided through narrow winding aisle, to a waiting room.
There were few chairs in front of big mirror wall.
It seemed that there must be another room against the mirror wall and I could hear the voice from loud speaker behind the mirror wall.
This mirror must be a one way mirror and guys seemed watching us in order to select favorite girl.
[my friend] seemed unsettled and nervous for a moment then we ordered to look straight toward mirror wall.
I could scarcely heard faded voice from speaker on next room saying
"We have special girls from noble high school. It's very rear to find out such a noble girls. You can bid altogether if you want"
I supposed that some handsome guy possibly knocked down me, so my heart became beating fast.
After a while we were knocked down at [bid price]yen but I didn't know whether It was so much expensive or not.
scene no_chance_to_change_sailor_uniform
After our performance, we go back to anteroom but other girls were preparing for next performance.
We had given up to change clothes at that time and returned back to our seat and watched other performance.
After wedding party, we went back to anteroom to change clothes but there were crowd of people attending next wedding.
At last we had no chance to change clothes, so I had waived good by to my classmate in front of wedding venue.
I had just ashamed of my extremely short skirt, but other classmate did not seemed to concern about it.
scene two_guys_waiting_for_us
We had get out of the room against one way mirror and lead to the exit where two guys were waiting for us.
scene Office_with_bamboo_sword
Just in front of building, a taxi was waiting and we were pushing in to the back seat.
Taxi started moving but after a few hundred meters of run, entered the packing space under the other building.
We had walked up narrow steps accompanied with two guys and reached second floor of building.
When the door had opened, I could see the inside of room which seemed to be a kind of office.
But just beside the door, a few of wooden sword, and bamboo sword were sticking in the umbrella box.
There in the office were also guys gazing us strictly with cruel faces.
I thought it might happen something wrong, and hold the hand of [my friend] which began to shiver also.
scene panties_for_sale
Almost one hour had past when they had started topic of used panties for sale and said "If you put off your panties right now, I would like to buy it at high price"
So [my friend] replied "I will sale it if you offer [price of panties]" half in joke to refuse this deal.
But they promptly insisted "Good deal, I buy [price of both panties] both of your panties" and take out bills from wallet.
I had sometime heard about height school girl who sell her panties, but It my first experience to meat guys who buy used panties and even more it just happened in front of me to my surprise.
[my friend] seemed uneasy at first but [price of panties] for each was too attractive to a high school student.
[my friend] turned me and said "I will go to toilet over there. Of course you would come with me, wouldn't you?" and I know what she meant.
I don't know how to do but seemed no choice in that case.
We both put off panties and handed these hot panties to guys but they didn't give money in return at once.
They said in calm voice "We would pay [price of both panties] on the fist floor just under this spiral staircase" and stood up for stepping downstairs.
We hurriedly following them, but when I was almost step on the spiral staircase I knew why they had taken us to the top floor of this building.
scene Sailor_uniform_at_wedding_performance
Many other classmates were also invited and I had remembered my high school day.
I talked with other classmates, and finally agreed that all of the classmate would wear high school uniform and sing a song when we performed at high school festival to cheer wedding.
Some friend had not possessed high school uniformed but we manage to prepare sailor uniform for each one.
One the day of wedding we had changed in to sailor uniform that some of my friend had handed me in anteroom.
But when I tried to put on it, I was very surprised because skirt was extremely short.
We had performed a part of English play that we had done at high school festival, and then singed a song in chorus, when I could not help my tears.
scene Sailor_uniform_on_stage
I had talked my hubby about [my friend]'s idea on that night.
He suggested that husband of [my friend] is his colleague in the same office, so her request should not be denied if I could do anyhow.
So I went with [my friend] to the rehearsal of second qualification.
Staff of YAMAHA BAND contest had requested us that we must attractive in anyway, we had decided to wear sailor high school uniform with very short skirt.
After performance of second qualification, [my friend] had invited me to the party with band members.
But I don't like to have alcohol so I said something suitable to excuse.
Avenue was very crowded with other band members, so I left there with out changing my sailor high school uniform.
scene find_first_food_shop_to_change_clothes
When I get out of the avenue I found sign of [first food shop] just in front of subway station, and I supposed that I could change clothes there in the toilet.
So I turned corner to the [first food shop].
title bid_club
select wearing_sailor_uniform
scene sailor_uniform_at_band_contest
scene sailor_uniform_at_wedding
select high_school_girl_bid_club
scene step_down_in_game_center
scene competing_bid_club
scene Suspicious_story_in_first_food_shop
Immediately two guys had called me "hi, it's very crowded, can we share this seat? You are very pretty so much." and they had already took seat before I reply.
"Do you want some allowance don't you?" they started talking.
"It's very easy. You can get enough allowance if you have tea with somebody just for a while"
"I can show you how easy it is, and also you can try it, before you really have plenty of allowance"
They talked very fluently and [my friend] in front of me seemed to be interested in their story.
"Is it really true? Can I try, If I could?" she replied them with out doubt in her innocent face.
It seemed a very suspicious story so I decided to accompany with her to prevent her from something bad.
scene walk_to_penny_arcade
We walked together to the penny arcade nearby.
Rising up the spiral staircase we had arrived at the top floor where small tables were arranged in array.
scene YAMAHA_BAND_contest
When [my friend] had come to have a tea, she began her story seriously "[Yuki] I want ask you favor".
According to her, her younger brother had gathered band and was going to entry YAMAHA BAND contest.
And her brother's band passed first qualification.
So his band gonna have second qualification.
But another member had very important exam on that day of qualification.
So, two of band member could not entry qualification.
They were repeated year, so they could not fail this exam.
Even if this contest was a good chance for them, but they chose exam and would like to graduate University in order to get a good job.
So her idea was that she and me might entry this band contest instead of another two boys.
She said, I must sit in front of keyboard, and pretend as playing it while sound of recorded tape would be used.
scene apart_at_subway_station
So I had given up my attempt and got out of coffee shop together.
Just near the Tokyo Tower there was another subway station where he chose to step down because it's convenient to go to residence of high school boy.
He said only "good by", and leaving me alone behind him.
scene caught_in_to_toilet
I found small building of toilet and I thought he might in the toilet right now.
So I searched for him but there seemed nobody at toilet.
I was disappointed and going out of toilet then I was blocked by guy just in front of toilet.
I almost banged against him just when his both arms had folded my ass and his hand squeezed my hips.
Slight movement of [his] finger tap stroking my ass taught me that [he] must be a groper in Tokyo Tower just while ago and made my knee cups trembled again.
I could not stand by myself but [he] had pulled up my ass into toilet dangling my legs helplessly.
scene chased_by_groper
I started to go back to subway station where I had came from when I noticed someone cased me from behind.
It was certain from grin in his face that he must be groper who used his finger in observatory of Tokyo tower.
Suddenly I had recalled his touch of finger tips stroking softly at my ass and I could not help getting horny again.
scene allowance_is_not_suffcient
I had been sent monthly allowance from my mother, but it was not sufficient for student life of University.
So I decided to get part times job.
scene Convenience_store
I sought part time job at briten boad of university and I found job at convenience store near my apartment.
At first it was very hard work but I was helped by boy who was working formerly so I get accustomed day by day.
His name was [he] and he attended University located near to mine.
Students of his University were almost boys, so he said he was very pleased to be acquainted with girl from woman's University.
He said he was from [prefecture] and very far from Tokyo, so he had few friends, and felt extremely lonely living alone in such big city.
I had also had few friends so I feel sympathy with his story.
scene failed_temptaion
Of course [he] must understand what I meant, and I could not believe his behavior to deny my temptation.
I supposed that he could cancel to teach high school boy but he didn't.
What a clumsy guy I though with great disappointment.
I tried again "I don't have schedule tonight" but his answer was same as before.
scene going_park_to_receive_wallet
I managed to go back to Tokyo Tower when my mobile phone rang but I didn't know his voice.
[he] said [he] had picked up my wallet and were going to hand over me.
I replied "I am coming" but, he seemed to be at a small park near Tokyo Tower, so we agreed to meet there.
He taught me the way to the park and I turned a corner to a narrow path as he told.
After a while I could find the park easily but there were nobody who seemed to pick up my wallet.
scene groped_again
I was just ashamed my self and talked to the boy who helped me to stand "This doll is terribly. I was scared so muchh just then I found the guy groped me at the observatory behind that boy.
He also noticed me and when my eyes met with him, and he showed a grin in his nasty face.
I reminded of his touch of fingers and my kneecap had begun to shiver again.
The boy who helped me was gone chasing another friend and I was left alone in front of wax doll.
I turned my body to a scary doll, and bend a bit toward the doll's face and wait for groper approaching me.
He seemed to be enough near so I spread my thigh and bended more forward showing my ass to him.
I didn't wait much to feel sensational current thrusting my flesh when his touch of finger tips assaulted me again.
scene groped_at_public_telephone
When I was nearer to the subway station, I found sign board of small hotel and public telephone beside a small tobacco shop.
I stopped in front of public telephone and pretend to call it when [he] had approached behind me.
I had waited till [he] stand just behind me, and then vent over to pickup receiver of telephone.
[he] had immediately pushing his body against me, and used his fingers inside my thigh as I expected badly.
scene Groper_from_behind
Suddenly I knew 5 minutes was over by blackout of telescope, and I found myself again.
I could not find what to say to [he] when I was looking back to him.
But I found another guy with grin in his face who must groped me.
He was still looking my thigh with nasty eyes so he must groped me with out doubt.
I tried to search [he], but he was looking through another telescope and did not notice what I had been done by groper.
I walked around observatory with [he] for a few miniature, while groper following me from behind.
I decided not to tell [he] about groper because it may cause trouble in anyway.
scene groper_pushed_to_love_hotel
My whole flesh began to tremble craving [his] touch of finger tips which would bring me top of heaven.
His touch of finger tips began to search for my most sensitive spot and then sudden current had plunged without mercy.
He pushed my ass and made me walk though the gate of love hotel, willingly or unwillingly.
I showed a bit of reluctance but [he] knew it was only pretense while he squeezed my breast with another hand.

scene have_coffee_after_doll_house
We had looked around wax doll house, but nothing had happened between [he] and me.
After wax doll house, he guided me to a coffee shop to have a rest.
Coffee shop was very crowded when we bought food ticket and hardly found seats.
So waitress suggested us to share table with other couple.
I had got horny after groped at observatory so I said "Today I am not so busy as always, and have time to spend with you" to [him].
But [he] disappointed me saying "I must teach high school boy after that"
scene have_coffee_in_Tokyo_Tower
After doll house we had coffee at the coffee shop inside the lobby of Tokyo tower.
We had not talked so much to my disappointment and [he] did not seemed to know how to speak with girl.
I had not much interested in his story so after finishing coffee we were going back to subway station.
But when I was going to buy ticked I noticed that I had missed my wallet.
scene Left_alone
He pushed my ass to the exit of wax doll house, where [he] had been waiting for me.
[he] noticed groper's hand behind my ass and turned his face to another direction.
Without saying anything [he] had gone outside the wax doll house hurriedly.
After groper had released my ass, I tried to follow [he] but I cannot find him around the lobby of Tokyo Tower.
Groper also noticed that I was left alone, when his finger began touching my ass again with soft vibration beneath my short skirt and also directly under my panties.
He pushed my ass outside the Tokyo Tower into the narrow alley reached to a love hotel displaying small pink sign board.
scene Proposal_of_date
[he] asked me if I had visited historical place in Tokyo.
I replied "No." because I was very busy in study and also chorus club of woman University.
And I added if I could I want to visit some famous place for tourist.
So He suggested me to visit Tokyo Tower with him.
Tokyo Tower was very famous big tower in Tokyo and it shape was very like a feel tower in Paris
He had once visited Tokyo Tower at school excursion when he was high school boy, and he seemed to visit there with me because of nostalgia.
scene return_to_Tokyo_Tower
I must have dropped my wallet at coffee shop in Tokyo Tower, and I though I must get bat any way.
I suggested [he] that we must go back to Tokyo Tower but [he] said "I must teach high school boy after that".
I didn't know what should I say to [he] then he said again "I call you again", and trying to get down stairs of subway station.
So I said also ggood byh, and started to get back by myself but I didn't remember well the way to the Tokyo Tower.
title Tokyo_tower
select Groper_in_Tokyo_tower
scene Toilet_after_drop_wallet
scene Love_hotel_after_left_alone
scene Love_hotel_after_wax_doll_house
scene Telescope_at_observatory
Elevator was going up slowly to bring us first observatory.
We could see street of big Tokyo city below observatory, spreading widely to the horizon through windows grass.
I found prepaid telescope just not used so I put 300yen into it from my wallet and looked down through the telescope for 5 minutes.
I supposed my university could see through this telescope, but I could not find it even if I tried to search every where underneath.
scene Tokyo_Tower
Next after noon I waited [he] at subway station and got on subway together.
We got off station near to the Tokyo tower, and walked till we found big shape of Tower among buildings.
I thought It would be a short walk but even we walked pretty much we didn't arrived and the shape of Tower becameing more biger and biger upon our head.
When we at last arrived beneath the Tokyo towoer I was very suprised with it huge frame work made of iron spreading over us.
We entered the building under the Tower and waited elevator that would bring us to observatory.
scene Vibrating_finer_tip
Just then I felt something touching inside my thigh.
I thought baggage of someone standing behind me might touch my thigh.
But it continued to touching softy along my thigh up and down slowly.
It began to vibrate softly so I convinced that it must be someone's finger touching my thigh from behind.
I thought it must be [he] himself that would seemed to do such a thing to me.
Suddenly I feel cold, and trembling from head to toe.
His finger tips continued its vibration and gradually moved around my thigh and then moved toward my pussy.
I could not understand his intension and I was confused with warm stream pouring in to my flesh from his fingers.

scene Wax_doll_house
After looking around observatory, we used elevator down to gland and then entered a wax doll house.
There were many of mysterious dolls and a girl just walking in front of us clang to a boy screaming shrill voice.
scene cling_in_wax_doll_house
I supposed that [he] must expect also that same situation, so I pretended as scared so much and tried to cling to [he].
But [he] had pushed me off unexpectedly with surprise and I was tripped down banging to a boy walking behind.
That boy hurriedly helped me to stand up, but [he] showed cross face and go ahead alone.
scene Won't_you_please
I knew that I could not help my desire, so I walked into the entrance of love hotel but groper detained me by my hand.
I knew his intension so I whined like a kitty "Please".
But he insisted me to beg more sincerely, so I must say "Won't you please fuck me with you cock? Will you?" and he replied "Remember what you said dirty bitch!" and jerked me in to love hotel.
scene forced_blow_job
I knew what I have to do at once.
He enjoyed my touch of tongue and his thing became harder.
His joy of conquer became my joy of subjection.
Feeling of high tension gradually became a hottest excitement and increasing its strength gradually with steady rhythm.
Pleasure of being dominated filled my body form toe to head, suddenly flood out from himself.
scene forced_double_gang_bang
[my friend]'s crying voice faded away gradually from my ear and the darkness continued to dominate my fleshes and bloods.
scene forced_double_rape
scene forced_gang_bang
scene forced_rape
select never_ending_ritual_possessed_me
scene I_was_in_the_ritual_and_eternal_time_possessed_me
, and -
scene I_was_in_the_ritual
I was in the ritual that never last-
scene eternal_time_possessed_me
eternal time had possessed me-
scene ritual_had_begun_and_piles_tore_me
, and -
select expresion_of_ecstasy
scene supreme_joys_of_love
[ecstasy=supreme joys of love]
scene destiny_of_surrender
[ecstasy=destiny of surrender]
scene enthusiasm_of_love
[ecstasy=enthusiasm of love]
scene final_orgasms
[ecstasy=final orgasms]
scene highest_orgasms
[ecstasy=highest orgasms]
select ritual_had_begun
scene ritual_is_eternal
never ending ritual was seemed to be a time of eternal-
scene ritual_is_painfull
painfull ritual was seemed to be a discipline of hell-
select final_ecstasy
scene piles_tore_me
every piles of conquest tore me repeatedly with [ecstasy]-
scene never_stopping_drilling
never stopping drilling had brought me the [ecstasy]-
select next_pile_reached_me
scene next_pile_reached_me_deeply
select next_pile_plunged_me
scene next_pile_plunged_into_me
With out satisfaction, next pile had plunged into me, -
select hardest_rhythms_reached_me
scene hardest_rhythms_reached_my_stomach
and hardest rhythms reached deeply into my stomach.
select next_piles_under_my_skin
scene next_pile_plunged_me_and_shivering_caouth_me
, and -
scene shivering_caoutht_me_and_plunged_next_pile
, and -
scene helpless_shivering_caught_me
helpless shivering caught my flesh-
scene next_pile_plunged_under_my_skin
the following piles were immediately under my skin-
scene pile_of_conquest
The pile of conquest continued -
select thrust_me
scene thrust_me_again
thrust me again and again.
scene thrust_me_repeatedly
thrust me repeatedly.
scene thrust_me_deeply
thrust me deeply into my flesh.
thrust me again and again.
scene pile_of_conquest_thrust_me
scene repeated_rhytms_tore_my_body
scene The_repeated_rhythms_had_torn_me
The repeated rhythms had torn me, -
select with_thunder
scene with_strength_of_thunder
with strength of thunder.
scene the_strong_Levin_had_assaulted_me
and the strong Levin had assaulted me.
scene sit_and_blow_job
While one groper sat on the sheet of toilet, he made me sit on his knee, and another groper stand just in front of me.
He plugged his desire deeply in to my mouth.
Another desire was pushing up from my bottom of depth.
Spark of joy had full filled my both holes and had hardest assault finally.
I know the meaning of humiliation of supreme joy.