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About 7thnovels

What is 7thnovels

7thnovels is a computer program that create short story automatically.
You can find on the Internet many kinds of software concerned with novel.
Some of them a accompanied with graphic and sound and another is Novelized Adventure game.
But 7thnovels create only short stories consist of text data only, without graphic or sound.
Users of this program are only read short stories, generated automatically.
No graphic No sound, No interactive software may be considered as too old fashioned one.
But I made this program sacrificing all my life.

Heroine of 7thnovels

Heroine of this 7thnovels is student of woman university "Yuki".
She tells various stories happened in her student life.
And some of them are "Confession of exciting experience of matter of fact"
She had studied very hard when she was high school girl of local district and had passed the tough entrance examination of noble Woman University in Tokyo.
But she had been studying so much, she lacked so called commonsense of real society,so she have no vigilance and is easy to be deceived.
Her close friend "Reiko" is also student of same University.
She is from "Gifu" a local district of Japan.
She is reliable but cannot resist enthusiastic experiment in her nature.
Yuki and Reiko are joined Chorus club of University.
This Chorus club is Inter University club, so Yuki and Reiko has a many chance to meet boys of another University near by.
Senior members of Chorus club are full of varieties.
Some of them are easy to be deceived and another is tough and steady.
All together with Reiko and other seniors, school life of Yuki are full of exciting adventures in a row.

Idea of novel generator

My first idea was to make a program that creates literature or scenario automatically.
But I found soon that to make a scenario generator like TV drama is very difficult and beyond my ability.
So I focused my eyes to erotic novels.
It is well known that erotic novels has almost same story pattern, and especially description of sex activities are completely resemble.
So I expected that random combination of sentence can create such a description sexual activities.
I had planed that combined with generator of scenario combination, erotic novel generator could be easly made rather than scenario generator such as TV drama.
And at last I had developed erotic novel generator "7thnovels".
This generator consists of two algorithm.

1. Generator of scenario that creates combination of scenario using priori written sentences.

2. Generator of sexual description that creates random sentence from parts of sexual expressions.

7th language

For the purpose of description and scenario generation, I used "7th language" as a program language.
"7th language" is a script language that I designed and developed for the "7thnovels".
"7th language" has various functions appropriate for the novel generation.
It does not have functions like displaying graphics or sound output or interactive method, but have another many functions that convenient for novel generation.

Enterbrain game contest

This novel generator "7thnovels" has received "Ijyuin Hikaru special prize" on original programming division of ENTERBRAIN GAME CONTEST 5th.
Ijyuin Hikaru is a TV talent and one of judges of this contest.
He had especially recommended this novel generator, so prize were titled "Ijyuin Hikaru special prize".
This contest was formerly titled "ASCII GAME CONTEST" and 1st 2nd 3rd 4th contest had been held as "ASCII GAME CONTEST".
So enterbarin game contest was held only at once and that was 5th contest.
ASCII is a publisher of Japan mainly publishing computer magazins.
Enterbrain was divided from ASCII and mainly publishing TV game magazines for teenager.
This contest was for domestic only and all programs and homepages are described in Japanese.

House Wife Episode

I had accomplished the sequel of "7thnovles", House Wife Episode.
But this Episode also generates short stories written in Japanese.
Heroine of this Episode is "YUKI" same as former episode.
She had married with her husband who was joined same chorus club when they were student.
He had got job in major computer company and become a system engineer now.
Yuki confess her story of nasty affairs that happened in a row, with her friends and her neighborhoods.
I wrote these scenarios newly so the stories do not overlap with former "University Student Episode".
Now I am trying to convert both "House wife Episode" and "University Student Episode" into English.
It will take many years to accomplish this work.

Source code of 7thnovels

Source codes of 7thnovels "House wife episode" and "University student episode" written in 7th language are opened to the public and available in my homepage.
These source codes can generate short stories automatically using "7threader".
"7Thleader" is a program that process Source code of 7th language and also available from my home page.
But both Source code of 7thnovels and 7threader are written in Japanese.
I am now preparing source codes and 7threader written in English.
Using "7threader" you can create various type of text generator like "Auto love letter generator" or "Auto book report generator".