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Dirty cheer girl whore

Traffic accident

On Thursday lecture of history of education were beginning soon, but Reiko did not appeared in class room as usual.
Professor of history of education knew well that Reiko and me were always sitting on seats right in front of classroom and writing note book, so he seemed to be anxious of her absence.
After the lecture I came into a room of chorus club, but she did not appear.
When I came back to my apartment, I called her on the telephone again and again, but she didn't answer.
I thought something wrong had happened to Reio, so I called on her late at night, but she didn't answerer still.
Next day, when I had come into the room of chorus club, seniors were talking anxiously.
I heard from one of seniors that Reiko was in a hospital and had suffered an injury by the traffic accident yesterday.
She said also that someone had reported to official of university this morning.
I didn't know a detail of situation, but I decided to go to hospital to see her.


I took the subway to the hospital which senior had told me.
Subway had passed a few stations and I stepped off on the station near the hospital.
While I was on the train I had got anxious about injury of Reiko.
She might have seriously injured and would not be able to walk all her life.
Just in front of the station I found flower shop.
I bought some flowers, and asked the flower girl the way to the hospital.
She told me that the hospital is not so far.
But when I had walked a few steps I noticed that big building of the hospital is just standing in front of me.
I entered the gate to the waiting room and crowed of peoples were there.
I heard the Reiko's room at the reception counter and hurried to her room.
When I opened the door, I had got much anxious about her injury and my heart was squeezed tightly.

Boy friend of Reiko

I decidedly opened the door of sickroom and Reiko had wave her hand with smile.
I found a boy near bed side of Reiko.
He seemed to be a brother of relative but Reiko's boy friend Yuji.
Reiko started that "I was riding together on motorcycle with Yuji and tumbled down when it was turning a corner".
"I was brought to hospital on ambulance he called because my uncle ached badly.
But checking a X ray, it was only slight sprain, and not so seriously injured"
Hearing that I was relieved with a sigh.
I said to Reiko that all the members of chorus club were anxious for her injury and handed over flowers.
She replied "Don't be anxious. I will recover and can walk for about a week and will not repeat a year"

Cheer girl

Reiko turned up her face and said "I must ask you a favor Yuki".
I was a little anxious looking her serious expression, and replied "say anything".
Then she continued as politely as usual "Yuji is going to have a football game next Sunday, and I am one of the members of cheer girls"
"Cheer group has several kinds of formations. So If could not participate, cheering formations must have been changed and also must do practice from beginning again. So would you please join the cheer group instead of me?"
I thought that it was a slight matter and I said "Ok Reiko, don't worry about it".
In the day of the football game, I putted on the cheerleader costume of Reiko and cheered with other cheer girls.
But the team of Yuji had been defeated.

Ridiculous review meeting

After the game I was going to leave the ground thinking that my role was over when a boy of cheer group had detained me.
He ordered violently "you mustn't go now, we are going to have review meeting".
Other cheer girls had gathered and review meeting had started.
Center of the circle fat guy wearing black school uniform had looked around cheer girls
He was a leader of cheer group.
He had started "Your cheering was too bad, so we defeated the game, especially you slut" and he pointed me.
Another cheer girl had tried to protect me saying "She joined us just yesterday, she cannot do enough practice, she is substitute of Reiko and Reiko was in".
But Leader of cheer group had stopped her and shouted "Shut up. No excuse slut. You are going to sit square on the ground for one hour because of corporate responsibility".
So cheer girls began to sit on the ground all together still dressed in cheer reading cositumes.
It was absolutely ridiculous and I was going to leave the ground.
Just then leader of cheer group had slapped my face with his palm.
With great pain, I fell down to the ground and broke into tears.

Ground maintenance

Cheer girls were watching the matter that happened in front of them, pretending they had nothing to do with me, and did not move a bit.
I realized deeply into my heart that I could not be against him, so I sat square on the ground together with other cheer girls.
One hour was too long period, and my feet had pain immediately.
I was almost trying to stand up, but If I did so I would be slapped again more hardly as punishment.
So I was desperately sitting square with all of my endurance.
Just then, freshmen of football club approaching near pulling big roller for ground maintenance.
When cheer girls watched them, one of a senior of football club was coming to say "get out of here, don't sit on sacred ground with your dirty ass"
All cheer girls had looked into the face of the leader of cheer group, and he said nothing.
He turned his face from senior of football club and was going out of the ground.
So we could stand up and leave the ground finally.

Guts stick discipline

Next day, I went to the university and talked about the humiliation that had happened on the ground to the senior who was a manager of football club.
She was very surprised to hear that and she said rapidly "I will report it to the general manager, so such thing will never happen again."
From then I had decided not to join cheer girl, but Reiko was still in hospital and I can not deny joining instead of her.
So I participated to a practice for next game.
After the practice I was caught by one of cheer girls.
She led me to the small club house behind the ground.
When I entered the club house I found many boys of cheer group waiting just for me.
They surrounded me and I heard the loud voice from behind "You are chicken sit slut, so we are going to teach you how chicken sit will be a good slut and you will be a pretty good slut."
Then they caught me and made crawling arms and legs and dirty towel was stick in to my mouth as a gag.
Leader of cheer group had standing behind my ass, holding bamboo stick which called guts stick by them.
Then guts stick was struck down my ass form straight above his head while other boys screaming nasty words all together.

Brutal humiliation

I tried to give a cry but the towel sticking in to my mouth allowed me only to groan.
The guts stick struck down on my ass repeatedly, regardless to my groan.
I tried to endure and tears were flood from my eyes.
With my and tears I swore deeply in my heart that I never admit such a brutal humiliation.
When I was almost fainting, the hardest strike was stopped and voices of boys could not be heard.
Dirty towel that gagged my mouth was removed and I heard soft but cruel voice near my ears "If you rat on someone about us again, you will be stuck again more hardly. You never rat on, don't you?"
I have no way and shouted repeatedly with tears "I don't. I don't. I never rat on."
He picked up my ears softly when my whole body was shivering with terror.
Finally I was released by permission of leader of cheer group and I went straight to the club house of football club searching for senior.
She was just finished the meeting of next football game.
I said "Come with me" to senior and glob her hand to the club house behind the ground.

Final humiliation

Boys were still left there and were weeping floor.
I found leader of cheer group among them and I told senior "I have done terrible humiliation here"
She realized what I meant and asked him "What have you done to Yuki".
"You are the most chicken sit slut" shouted him and call out "Guts stick" in the kinky accent.
Immediately boys had surrounded me and senior and screaming loud voice as a short while ago.
Senior had forced to lay down hands and foots.
Guts stick hit straight down to her ass, and her scream had filled the room, but gag of dirty towel had stop it.
After hardest strike, she fell to the floor and wept a while.
But when she stopped weeping she said "This cheer group must be resolved, my friend is daughter of director of this department. You know what I mean. You are all became withdrawal.
When she finished her words proudly, leader of cheer group replied against her "You must know better. You need more hard whip to know better slut. Then you will know what you are."
And he called out loudly "Guts stick again." so boys let her lied on the floor again.

Cheer girl whore

The leader of cheer group just stood in front of her face and unzipped his black school uniform.
"You must beg, because you are whore. You are dirty whore from now. Do you understand?" he said in a cruel voice.
"Fuck yourself." she cried when the hardest strike hit her ass.
Merciless guts stick final made her say "Let me suck your thing please".
But he clamed "your voice is too small and I cannot hear you", and next strike hit her ass.
She screamed repeatedly "Pleas. Won't you please suck your thing".
Satisfied with her words, he made his huge thing touch her lips.
When he finished in her deep throat, he turned his face to me and said "It's your turn slut".
I knew what I have to do at once.
He enjoyed my touch of tongue and his thing became harder.
His joy of conquer became my joy of subjection.
Feeling of high tension gradually became a hottest excitement and increasing its strength gradually with steady rhythm.
Pleasure of being dominated filled my body form toe to head, suddenly flood out from himself.


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