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Short story "High school girl upskirt"

1.High school girl was niece

Early in the spring I had call from my daddy who seldom call me.
He announced that I would have a guest who is going to receive entrance examination of University in Tokyo.
She was my niece and I could not deny my father's request so I answered "It's OK".
A few days before entrance examination, my niece had arrived from her home town.
She was wearing uniform of high school which I had onec worn.
So I feel a bit sentimental feeling about her.
She looked like my grandmother and have innocent atmosphere.
Her behavior was just like as junior high school girl in Tokyo, and her expression was also showing her nature.
I had got a little hart full feeling reminded my high school days.

2.Bursting breast

Her body was rather skinny but her breast was bursting out from her white blouse and looked very unbalanced compared with her innocent face.
She had carried many text books to prepare for examination, but had no cloths to change.
I thought she should have cloths with her for staying a few days, but I decided to tell her nothing about that.
I had guided her to my hubby's room to let her baggage down, and offered her some tea for rest.
She looked anxious and wanted to ascertain the avenue of examination.
I had shown her map around University and taught her way to the avenue many times, but she didn't accusttomed to ride on subway and seemed to be embarrassed.

3.Amulet for examination

After having tea, she seemed to have settled down here feeling and picked up text book from her baggage and began studing at my hubby's desk.
I thought she would be better not be disturbed so I let her alone herself till my hubby come home.
When my hubby had come home we have dinner together.
After dinner he handed package of Tokyu Hands to niece saying that "I had found good amulet. You are sure pass the examination if you wear it".
When she opened the package she found a set of amulet for examination.
One is a head band labeled "Pass Exam", and another was handkerchief printed many kinds of English word.
She opened handkerchief but to her surprise it was not a handkerchief but panties for woman.
I looked at my hubby's face but he did not seem to annoy her.
Her face turn red and ashamed but she said "Thank you very much for you kindness" to my hubby as politely as possible.

4.Entrance examination

Next day, she got up early in the morning and came home after having examination of first day.
She seemed very tired and did not say anything.
I thought I should better not ask about examination at the time, but after having dinner I ask her "How about today's exam" in soft voice as I could.
She replied in timid voice that "Subway of Tokyo is very crowded and some of them are very", but she stopped her words and could not continue.
I asked her "Do they do something to you", but she did not reply to my question.
Without her words I noticed immediately what she would mean.
It some times happen in crowded subway, when high school girl have attractive breast and looked timid and innocent.
So I proposed to her "Next morning, I will accompany with you to the avenue. So you will have no problem. Don't you?"
Then she seemed just a bit relieved and said "Thank you. Please".

5.Crowded subway

Next morning I and my niece got on subway just earlier than yesterday.
But subway was very crowded in stead of my expectation and niece said "Today is more crowded than yesterday".
Next station There were many high school girls on platform and It seemed that they were students of girls high school near hear.
When subway stopped and doors were opened many high school girls were getting on subway all together.
It seemed that I had chosen worse time for gropers and got anxious of my niece.
After few stations many passengers were getting on and my niece had pushed to the corner near door just then she gazed at me with miserable expression just as looking for help.
Then I noticed a guy behind my niece who pushing his body to niece.
I thought I knew his face in somewhere and he also noticed me.
When he grinned a little in his mouth, I remembered that he was Masahiko who was member of same inter college chorus club when I was university student.
He was known as "OTAKU" when he was student, and I got angry knowing that he was now a kind of groper.
When I gazed into his eyes strongly enough, he turned his face to another direction.

6.Meet again

Next station we got off subway and Masahiko had vanished somewhere.
I was anxious so I had accompanied with my niece to the main gate of university.
Gate keeper was checking admission ticket when students were entering the avenue through a narrow gate.
I confirmed that my niece entered the gate and then turn around to go back home when I heard a merrily voice "Hay Yuki. Long time no see".
She was Kinuyo who was classmate at the time of university.
"You had accompanied with student to have entrance exam. Don't you? Me too."
We have hugged together and pleased to meet again.
She began to talking while we were walking back to the subway station.
When I turned around the comer to the station, I could see a coffee shop we used to gather with friends in my university days.
In these days I had have coffee with other friends after lecture and talked long time.
Kinuyo seemed to have sentimental feeling too, and said "Let's have some coffee".
She pulled my arms to the door of the coffee shop, and I found everything was same as those days inside the shop.
I took a seat where I used to sit and Kinuyo too.

7.Upskirt photo

Part time waitress was not familiar and already changed, but the menu she handed to me was almost same but seal was over labeled upon prices.
I noticed that price of coffee was just a bit higher than those days.
After having coffee Kinuyo had e-mail on her mobile phone from avenue of examination.
It said "Exam begin soon, I gonna die."
I was very surprised when Kinuyo had shown me e-mail.
It seemed many thing had changed from when I had took examination.
After a while when it was almost beginning of examination I have received another e-mail and also digital photo on my mobile phone.
When I had checked it, it was a photo of student from avenue and looked like very much my nieces face.
She had no mobile phone so It could not happen that she had sent it by herself.
When I receive next photo, I was greatly surprised and confused.
It was a upskirt photo of my niece, with panties printed English words.
E-mail also said "This bitch is cheating on an exam" and I noticed that Masahiko must took this photo and sent me.

8.Cherry park

I heard that Masahiko had become an assistant in the university somewhere but it seemed he was now examiner of entrance examination.
Another e-mail said "Come Cherry park behind university, in the noon recess, or she will fail exam because of cheating."
I understood rightly that I have no way except obey him.
I leave the coffee shop saying to Kinuyo "I will come again later when exam will finish".
I went straight to the Cherry park behind university and waited Masahiko till noon.
After few hours I saw Masahiko coming down from back gate of university when my legs were stating to shiver.
He also noticed me when he was coming nearer.
He was holding blue file in his arm.
When He came in front of bench, He nodded rightly and sat beside me, opening his files.
It was a digital photo print enlarged widely.
At first I could not recognize what it was, but it seemed upskirted photo of niece in subway last day.

9.Wide Opened thighs

"If you don't obey me, I will upload these upskirt photos on the homepage of internet. I have many of another photo" Masahiko whispered me in low threatening voice.
Then he ordered me "Take of your panties right now, and give it to me".
I was looking at his eyes but I noticed I had no choice so I had put off my white panties and handed it to him ashamedly.
His next ordered was "Come along with me", but my shivering legs could not walk forward.
He pulled my arms and forced me to get out of cherry park.
He leaded me through a back street of university to a McDonald's.
Then he whispered "Enter this shop and sit near the window" so I enter the McDonald's alone and after having bought coffee I sat on a stall facing to a window glass.
He went across the street over pedestrian overpass and called me on mobile phone.
"Open your thighs widely and let me watch you pussy. You know what would be happen if you don't do it right now"
I was obliged to open my thighs a little, but my whole flesh had began to shiver while I tried to open my thighs more wider as his order.

10.Dirty business

One of passengers walking toward subway station gave a glance at me then he entered the shop and sat beside me.
He whispered in to my ears "I know you on Internet, you would like to give blowjob here in a toilet ", and with a smile he offered 10000 yen bill to my hands.
"You are dirty house wife. Don't you? And It's a good place for business you know."
Then I understood what trick Masahiko had done.
He had uploaded my digital photo just opening thighs and exposed myself now on the internet with nasty word.
And also I know what I must do now.
I was urged by the man to the toilet.
He also followed me in to narrow room and just stand in front of me.
I knew what I have to do at once.
He enjoyed my touch of tongue and his thing became harder.
His joy of conquer became my joy of subjection.
Feeling of high tension gradually became a hottest excitement and increasing its strength gradually with steady rhythm.
Pleasure of being dominated filled my body form toe to head, suddenly flood out from himself.


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