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Short story "Female Viagra"

1.Travel to Hawaii

After having dinner my husband came out of room where PC was setting with extremely joyful expression.
He said just he had hit the prize on the Internet and this prize was discount ticked of travel to Hawaii.
He had hit the most unbelievable 30% off discount than usual.
I just try to say "May be, It might be dead stock. And bargaining to everyone".
But my husband insisted that "I had hit the best prize. What a gorgeous prize".
So I thought it might better not disturb his feeling. I decided to let him travel to Hawaii alone because prize was only one ticket, although it must be humbug at all.
Next Friday he had started three days travel to Hawaii joyfully.

2.Aphrodisiac from Hawaii

When he returned from his travel, he picked up some kind of dried grass from his baggage.
"You know what. It tremendously effective aphrodisiac especially for female"
"If you have it, you will feel good and high and flying to the heaven over night" he lectured me with a proudly face.
But that grass was very suspicious and seemed to get from somewhere naughty to say.
So I had started to inquire him "So how did you know its so effective? Did you have tried with someone, or how do you now its gonna bring someone to the heaven."
Then he realized that he had made a slip of the tongue instantly, and he shut up his mouth and never talked about this grass.

3.Medicine distributor

When I had been having tea at the sitting room, I was called from salesman of the household medicine distributor of Toyama.
He was coming to collect the medicine charge, so I prepared medicine box, at the vestibule.
After a short while salesman had arrived and ring the bell.
He began to check medicine box to find out used medicine and then calculated sum of price.
I just remembered dried grass upon shoe cupboard so I tried ask about it "do you know this?"
He start laughing when I said "Its a kind of drug my husband bought from Hawaii".
With face full smile he answered honestly "Its a only a weed, just growing beside road everywhere"
"In Hawaii some kind of imposter sells such weed as a drug to a tourist, and many Japanese pay much money for such so called grass without knowing anything. Ha Ha Ha."

4.Female viagra

Then he asked me "What did your husband said about this grass?"
So I answered "I heard it makes female feel good and bring to heaven".
He started laughing loudly again and said "He must have cheated by whore who pretended herself as a good example of this drug. Ha ha ha."
"By the way If you needed viagra to your husband, you can purchase privately, It's really have good effect. You know".
I have then became just curious about Viagra, so I asked him "Is it really effective, that viagra" so he laughed again and answered "Of course its very effective, If your husband had it he will stand all night. Ha ha ha".
Then he turned his voice to a small tone and whispered to me "I have some other medicines than viagra"
"I don't offer them to another customer but you are very special customer".
With a grin in his face, he picked up two piles from his baggage and offered it for me.
"Its really female viagra, it's secret between us".
"Would you like to use this medicine to night, you husband will be very pleased and satisfied with you sexy attitude toward him".

5.Tea with female viagra

After salesman of medicine distributor had left, Kiyomi had visited me as usual to wasting time.
She had carried quite a few of persimon in her big baggage that had received from her parent in home town.
I had just got a mischivous idea to let her have female viaga before I try it myself.
I cut persimmon to some pieces, and then I dropped female viagra in green tea and served them together on the table.
Kiyomi began to have persimon with tea.
However, when she finished her tea, nothing had happend to her to my disappointment.
Then I had recommended some cookie to her and served another cup of tea with female viagra in it again.

6.Women's massage parlor

After having tea she asked me "do you know women's massage parlor had opened just behind subway station".
I replied "I hadn't heard of it. When did it open?"
Then she continued "Wife of neighborhood say, after having massage and going out of parlor, she always happen to be called by a guy"
So I ask "For what?"
"I don't know well, but they seemed to go together into love hotel near there. It's queer. Isn't it?"
I had no idea about it, but I asked also "Do you know what kind of services they do in this women's massage parlor? Do they offer some extra services?"
But her answer was rather vague "I don't know well, but it seemed some kind sexual activity. But massager is a female not a male."
I didn't understand the situation well but I said "May be such kind of things are preferred by some kind of women", and Kiyomi agreed with it.

7.Effect of female viagra

I had been observing Kiyomi while we had been chatting but nothing had happen to her to my disappointment.
Kiyomi had gone back home saying "Its time for preparing dinner".
When I had washed tea cups in the kitchen, I feel a kind of numb deep inside my flesh.
Then my brain had begun heating hot and felt dizzy like in the mist.
I could notice that I had drink tea with female viagra myself by mistake.
Suddenly feeling of numb was spread around all my flesh heating my blood hot with strong pulse.
Deep in side from my womb hot stream of lava had flooded out endlessly while my whole fresh began to shiver hard.
I knew that the effect of female viagra was now assaulted me.
I could only know that my womb craving nothing but thick fat cock enough to satisfy it.

8.Adult video actress

My womb was screaming "Let me come to the heaven" craving for cock to engorge.
I enter the room setting DVD theater system which my hubby had been proud of so much.
I knew that he hide secret adult video which his colleague had brought from U.S.A.
It was a rape video of Japanese actress fucked with American guy.
Unbelievable huge cock had entering little pussy of Japanese girl repeatedly and strongly.
I squeezed my breast with my hand and my whole flesh could not stop shivering.
Firing flame had got me and I had trembled on more and more hardly.
I knew I have no way so I reminded of women's massage pallor Kiyomi had told me.
My womb had craved for heaven enthusiastically and let me made up my mind to go to women's massage pallor.

9.Go to women's massage pallor

I tried to walk to the subway station.
But it was very long way than usually on my trembling foot.
I had reached to the reception desk, and then she guided me to a massage room.
A pink small bed was set on the small room that was partitioned with curtain.
I lied down on the bed only with panties.
Massager wearing pink uniform had stood beside me and said to me "You are well come Madam. Please relax and let me begin".
At that moment I heard screaming voice of women behind next curtain.
"She is having our massage for the first time. And she is sensitive and feeling extremely good, as great as she never experienced"
Then I heard her also crying "Kiyomi is dying, Kiyomi is dying now. No no don't stop it".
So I noticed Kiyomi was laying next and having massage already, and also noticed the effect of female viagra was extremely strong enough.

10.Gone to heaven

She asked me "did you have it too?"
I didn't know what she meant but I thought she might also know about female viagra so I answered "yes, just while ago"
She explained me "It's effect is strong enough after one hour or so. Aren't you?"
But I could not answer her question.
She began to use her hand and brought me to the heaven thousand times.
After relaxing gradually, curtain had opened and Kiyomi had shown her face.
She taught me "Your screaming was really great. You must have felt good too much more than me. don't you?" and I had ashamed of myself.
When we were leaving massage pallor, reception girl had told us "Two guys are hoping to go out with you. Would you like to go out with them tonight. They are very tough and strong enough to satisfy you very much. Madam" and we could not refuse her proposal.

11.Comic cafe

One of them had said "I know good cafe for us", so we were escorted to a small building and going up stair to the "Comic cafe*".
I did not understand why this cafe was good for us but I entered a small room with Kiyomi.
There were PC connected to Internet and they operated it to display footage of somewhere.
It was footage of naked woman lying on bed and having a massage from TV camera just looking down her.
My face had turned white when I saw face on footage screaming loudly.
It was myself and footage was taken short while ago at that massage pallor.
I heard whispering voice "You know what. You must obey us any way. Do you understand?"
He switched PC and changed screen then another footage was Kiyomi's screaming face in the midst of heavenly joy.
Kiyomi had just held my hand and stepped closer to me and I could feel Kiyomi's knee started trembling.

*Comic cafe
Comic cafe is very popular in Japan.
In Comic cafe you can read many kinds of Comics at free charge.
Internet can be also use at free.
Usually opened 24hours and can spend night cheaper than hotel.

12.Threatened blowjob

Voice whispered "To begin with, we would like enjoy your throat at toilet" but this time tone of voice was rather louder and threatening.
I knew what they meant on trembling foot but No way except obey their order.
They fold their hands behind our ass and pushed us in to the toiled
He enjoyed my touch of tongue and his thing became harder.
His joy of conquer became my joy of subjection.
Feeling of high tension gradually became a hottest excitement and increasing its strength gradually with steady rhythm.
Pleasure of being dominated filled my body form toe to head, suddenly flood out from himself.


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