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Short story "Fellatio Mania"

1.Developmental psychology conference

When the autumn was nearer, Senior of Psychology laboratory was very busy preparing for graduation research every day.
At my laboratory graduation research were used to given presentation at Developmental psychology conference and if fail to make it, could not graduate.
This year, conference would hold at Nagoya and I also planed to come with senior to prepare for my own presentation next year.
Few days before conference, rehearsal of presentation was held at my laboratory and senior was seemed very uneasy with tensed voice.
Professor's cold words "You cannot graduate with such a poor presentation" had made senior very depressed and her face had turned pale.
Senior was very busy till the day before presentation, correcting manuscript as could as possible.
Professor had left earlier to Nagoya as he must do a chairman of conference.
I had started with senior using car of assistant of laboratory.
Presentation was finished anyhow and last day of conference we were going back to Tokyo on car of assistant again.

2.Meiji Village

After getting baggage back from cloakroom of conference I was going to get on car when I was called by a student of another University we often hold seminar together.
It was the invitation to visit Meiji-Village near here with them.
My close friend Reiko was invited also to this short trip.
I asked professor about that and he replied "Conference was over, so enjoy your self after that as you like"
So we were going to visit Meiji-Mura all together to enjoy ourselves.
Meiji-Village was very large park and there were many historical buildings of Meiji-period.
Buildings were doted in the broad field around rake so it took many hours to go around.
After visiting Meiji-Mura we were going to stay at the inn near by.

3.Love machine

After supper boys had borrowed Karaoke set from front of inn.
They started singing karaoke one after another.
One of boys started kinky parody song and another boy had begun dancing with his song.
And also they began queer lascivious parody song.
I had got disgusted and a bit angry.
Then senior suggested "We must perform something also" so Reiko had proposed to dance "Love machine" of Morning Girls which we had performed at university festival.
When we started dancing other boys had also joined us dancing and singing together and when music was ended it was bustled up all around.

4.Assistant of university

In the next morning, I was put on the car of the assistant.
Car was moving slowly when I noticed that I was alone in his car.
He began talking to me while he was driving his car and introduced himself as Tomo whose studies were all Greek to me.
He was an assistant of laboratory where other boys are belonging to.
He continued talking about his studies so I got bored then he changed topic and began to talk about his experience of studying abroad.
He also talked about conference in U.S.A. and he had visited Niagara Falls after his presentation.
I could understand his story at last, so I got a bit relieved and replied appropriately to him.

5.Fellatio mania

After a while Tomo suddenly changed subject and started "you are very good yesterday"
"Students of Woman University are all good at Fellatio, aren't they?"
which surprised me so much.
It seemed that when we were all drunk last night somebody started to talk about fellatio, and I didn't remember at all.
He continued that "You are very good at it. I want have it from you again" but I didn't understand what he meant at that time, but I must do something that I don't remember to my concern.
"You said that you have been taught it form shopkeeper where you had worked, and he made you Fellatio mania, so you are craving everyday guy's cock to perform it. It's all true I know".
So I must speak something tremendously dirty and naughty foolishness about fellatio when I was drunk in front of other guys.

6.Service area

"You used be forced fellatio at toilet of convenience store, so you want to perform fellatio every time you enter toilet. Don't you?" he whispered into my ear and added "You are very good at fellatio in toilet last night."
So I vaguely remembered when I had got ill after drunk too much, Tomo must had nursed me in toilet and perhaps I might use my tongue to his cock.
But I could not understand what was true and what was fake about his story.
I saw another car was turning corner to service area, then Tomo also followed that car to the parking space.
I got off Tomo's car and approached senior who had just having tea bought from vendor machine.
I tried to ask what happened last night.
She explained that "Don't you really remember anything? It was very troublesome you know."
So I could not dare inquire about what really happened last night.
But according to her, it seemed that she did not know I had performed fellatio in toilet to my relief.

7.Doted spot

I got a bit anxious about Tomo because he might talk about felattio again, so I ask Reiko to changed seat without saying reason.
Reiko had got on Tomo's car and then I had got on another car with senior together.
Car was starting slowly chasing Tomo's car when senior whispered me "Last night Reiko had drunk badly and screamed loudly she is very much fond of fellatio and want to perform it right now. And somebody might let her do it in toilet pretending nursing her."
After she came back from toilet, smells of it were doted on her blouse but she didn't notice it at all.
Of course every one knew that it must the smell of cum.
I get anxious that boy who driving car might listen senior's story, but she continued her story never seemed to care about him.
I was very frightened that it was not me but Reiko whom Tomo had been talking about. And I get very seriously anxious about Reiko because I let her change seat on Tomo's car.

8.Woman's toilet

Soon we arrived at next service area and, we ate cup noodle from vender machine, and buy souvenirs, but I could not find Reiko's figure.
She must have got off together but I could not find her near Tome's car.
So I had searched for woman's toilet but there were nobody.
I was going back to service area when one of door of woman's toilet was opened.
I hid myself near entrance of toilet and tried to find out who came out.
I believed that Reiko might come out, but it was Tomo who hurriedly came out of woman's toilet too my surprise.
I had some suspicious feeling so I entered toilet after Tomo had gone then I saw Reiko had come out of same door.

9.Fellatio mania

I had run up to Reiko and asked "What happened Reiko?" but she replied nothing.
She looked confused and trotted to a faucet hurriedly.
I followed her to find Reiko washing her mouth by water form faucet and dropping tears from her eyes.
Then she raised her face where foundation cream was flowed mixed with something around her mouth.
I understood immediately what had happened between her and Tomo in toilet.
I advised her "When we got back, I will tell on university of Tomo. So don't mind. It's all right" and she nodded slightly, but she looked still embarrassed and hesitant.
After remaking up her face we had got out of toilet.
Others were already got on their cars and waiting for us to return ready to set off again.
I made up my mind to get on Tomo's car accompanying Reiko.
When we approached Tomo's car he opened the door of front seat, but I and Reiko got on back seat.

10.Take a rest at love hotel

Tomo watched us through back mirror when he started moving his car.
After got off from express way, Reiko asked Tomo in a week voice "I feel sick, I want take a rest". So he called another car on mobile phone "We will take a rest, so go ahead".
He turned his car at the corner and went through narrow path that reached a street standing along sign board of love hotel.
Tomo suggested "you would better take a rest on bed" and I thought nothing queer about that at that moment.
Our car had entered through the gate of love hotel, and we walked in the room where Reiko lied herself down on the bed.

11.Tied up both hand

I brought Reiko glass of water from faucet but she rejected it saying "No thank you Yuki", and got up from bed.
She sat on the edge of bed and began to take off her pantyhose while I was watching her.
Then she handed pantyhose to Tomo and he began to hold my arms and tie up my both hand.
I was very frightened and tried to escape but Reiko had stood behind me folding my body tightly with her arms.
Tomo finished to tie my both hand then he also tied my uncle and hand together letting me sit down on the floor.
I could not stand up by myself and I did not understood what had happen to me, and don't know what to say.

12.Fellatio lesson

"Don't tell on University about chicken sit like felattio you know." she explained.
"So you will have good lesson, and after that you will never going to tell on, because you will love fellatio yourself" then Tomo added "you like fellatio best of all, don't you? If not I will make you love it"
I knew what I have to do at once.
He enjoyed my touch of tongue and his thing became harder.
His joy of conquer became my joy of subjection.
Feeling of high tension gradually became a hottest excitement and increasing its strength gradually with steady rhythm.
Pleasure of being dominated filled my body form toe to head, suddenly flood out from himself.


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