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Short story "Picked up in Harajuku"

1.Tokyo Disneyland

When the spring was coming near, my niece Sayaka were going to stay my home, in order to visit Tokyo Disney land near hear.
Sayaka attended same high school as me, and played together when I was in my home town.
When I met at Tokyo station, she was wearing her high school uniform.
Length of her skirt was under knee and rather long than ordinal high school girl in Tokyo.
She explained that she had not good dress to travel so her mother recommended her to wear high school uniform and she could buy another dress in Tokyo.
She said "I could not by good dress in my home town" and smiled a bit.
After Tokyo Disney land she stayed at my home and next after noon, I guided Sayaka to Harajuku, the most fashionable street in Tokyo to buy her dress.

2.Harajuku street

We walked along Takesita street watching fashionable shops one by one.
She opened her eyes widely when we passed by high school girls wearing extremely short skirted sailor uniform.
They were not so unusual in Tokyo especially in Harajuku but Sayaka had never thought of such a shameless manner.
I taught her that they were rolling up skirt on the waist to make there skirts short but she still surprised and said "unbelievable" repeatedly.
We searched for her dress, but most of brand name dresses were too expensive for her allowance.
So we entered Uniqlo discount shop.
I though we could find Uniqlo discount shop every where not in Harajuku.
But she was very impressed with its cheep price so she tried to put on new dress one after another.
When she came out of fitting room at last, I was very surprised of skirt length of her school uniform.
She rolled up at her waist as I taught her just while ago and made her skirt as short as other high school girls in Harajuku.

3.Called by boys

After shopping in Uniqlo, we were going to have rest at first food shop just then two boys had called us "Hi girls, won't you have coffee with us?" in cheerful voice.
Sayaka had returned smile and was very glad to be called by boys that would never happen in her local home town.
I tried to ignore them but Sayaka replied "Sure" before I could pull her arm.
Boys had already taken Sayaka's hands so I had no way to pull her back except following her.
We had entered Lotteria with them and take a seat but the boys sat both side of Sayaka and start flattering.
"You are very pretty indeed. How old are you?" and Sayaka replied "I am seventeen and high school girl yet" with joyfull smile.
I had just got cross because they flatter her so much and ignore me at all.

4.Good blow job

Listening to boys flattering, Sayaka turned her face downward and stopped to reply. I didn't know what happen to her at first but Sayaka's gasp realized me that boy's hand moving under Sayaka's short skirt of school uniform.
I could understand what happen to Sayaka but I could not dare say to Sayaka a single word.
Then the boy made Sayaka stand up and brought her to the toilet of Lotteria together.
I didn't know what was going on Sayaka, so I asked another boy sitting in front me, but he did not answer rightly.
After a while Sayaka had returned her seat with the boy who brought her to toilet.
I stared his face and he replied "Good blow job" to my surprise.
He must mean that Sayaka had performed blow job at toilet but Sayaka was such an innocent girl from local country.
I could not believe his words and could not inquire him any more.

5.brand name mini skirt

Finishing our coffee I let Sayaka stand up from her seat because departure time of bullet train is nearer.
After going out of Lotteria, Sayaka bought some pretty dresses at brand name shop along Takesita street.
She didn't have much allowance to by such a precious dress, so she must get some from the boy we met short while ago as a reword for blow job.
But I didn't know what I should say to Sayaka to ascertain truth.
When we arrived at Harajuku station, she changed into one of pretty mini skirt in toilet.
She had full of baggage so I suggested that I could send her sailor school uniform.
So I received school uniform from Sayaka and going back to the Uniqlo to buy clothes myself.

6.Short sailor uniform skirt

While I was going back in front of Lotteria I saw the same boys whom we talked together just before.
They were coming out from Lotteria and looked forward, so I tried to wave my hand but they had called high school girls walking just behind me.
We must have talked together but they did not seem to notice me at all.
I had just wandered why they don't remember me when I noticed extremely short skirt of high school girls they were talking with.
A certain thought flashed through my mind and I entered Lotteria again in order to chang in to high school uniform of Sayaka in toilet.
I rolled up skirt on my waist to shorten length of skirt extremely short as high school girls I saw just now.
When I got out toilet and stand in front of Lotteria again, cool wind was blowing up under my short skirt, and my bear legs almost trembled.

7.Top of heaven

I found two boys walking forward to another direction.
I had got anxious of what would happen next, but I decidedly passed by two boys with out looking at them.
As I expected one of boys had called me from behind "Hi sweetie, see you again".
It is certain that they only remember girl's short skirt and not face and they must consider me Sayaka as they talked with.
He said at once "You are very good at blow job, aren't you" and this words made me horny like a bitch.
We entered Lotteria again and two boys sat both side of me, reaching their hands on my knee cup.
Slight movement of their finger taps drove me on top of heaven, as Sayaka had experienced before.
I understood from their touch of finger the reason why Sayaka had done such nasty behavior without resist.

8.Brutal conqueror

Boy's finger tips had searched my sensitive point and make it more irresistible with skillful movement.
Unexpected feeling had caught my flesh and flood out like a hot fountain.
My brain had also poured with hot stream and sunk me to depth of torpor.
Boy's finger still searching more sensitive point and moved upward to the bud of my bloom.
I could not help trembling when it caught my most weakness of sensation.
I was whispered to my ear "You want to perform in again. don't you?" and I nodded slightly.
One of boy had let me stand up and brought me in to toilet.
He stood just in front of me while let me sitting on toilet.
Unzipped his trousers he showed me his greatness and fatness of his own.
I know Sayaka had done good blow job just as I was going to perform.
He gave me strict instruction to perform well carefully.
His brutal conqueror made me convinced how affectionately Sayaka was satisfied.
When his tense of desire hardened himself, strong stroke repeatedly reached my deep throat.
Pleasure of dominated had filled my flesh and burst out in to my stomach.

9.Dirty bitch

When I had got back from toilet I found another girl sitting my seat.
And also another boy had kissed her over her face and his hand reached under her skirt opening her thigh.
I sat against them but I couldn't move my eyes from her mouth.
Boy's head were shaking slightly and his tongue must search her tongue to taste its sweetness.
I could also heard sound of his tongue sucking her sweet gums of her opening mouth.
He took her hand to his greatness and her voice of patting reached my ear to make me envious as ever.
I thought she must be indeed a dirty bitch but I noticed her clothes of mini skirt were just resembled to brand name skirt that Sayaka had bought.
If it was the same skirt then she might be Sayaka herself who sitting in front of me.

10.Destiny in karaoke room

Boys suggested us to go to some place where we could be alone.
Then the boy had moved his mouth from girl in front of me.
I saw her face half in torpor and confirmed her as Sayaka who didn't board bullet train as I thought.
Boys hurried us to walk through narrow alley together to a Karaoke room and ordered some whisky.
They began to sing naughty and kinky songs and offered me some whisky.
I tried to reject but they poured whisky in to my mouth they forced to open.
I had almost loose my mind with effect of alcohol strong enough to remove any reluctance.
Boys turned volume of Karaoke loudly, and next instance they rushed on us.
I was forced to lie down on the floor and also Sayaka had laid aside me.
The pile of conquest continued thrust me deeply into my flesh.
The repeated rhythms had torn me, with strength of thunder.


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