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Dirty wife whore discipline

Suspicious membership card

I had examined pockets of my husband's winter coat before bringing to laundry shop, when I found small membership card.
I thought it might be a membership card of rental video shop or some another.
I don't care about it at first, but it might not be disposed so I was going to put it on the table of his room where his PC was stetted.
However, before I put it on his desk I examined the membership card again, and seeing closely it seemed very suspicous.
I found telepone number on the back of it and I cannot stop growing suspicion in my mind,
So I called this number, and Reception girl's merrely voice just returned to my ear.

Secret club

I attempted to hear on the telephone "How is your club?" without thinking anything. Then answer returned "No problem Madam, our customers are all steady of identity."
"We keep secret and many house wives are joining us, no problem Madam".
Hearing words "secret", my suspicion growing bigger in my mind.
So I asked "Can I join your club too?", then reception girl explained "You need your self identification like driving license card, and also you need another members introduction"
At once I had a good idea and finished the telephone saying "thank you. I am coming soon".

Online discipline club

I decided to go to the place where reception girl had taught me.
I have picked up my driving license card from drawer which I have never used since I got it.
When I got off train at Ikebukuro, I searched small building behind a condominium in a narrow alley.
I entered the entrance and pretty dressed reception girl greeted me with smile.
My mind was full of suspicion but I try to pretend not to show my emotion.
I attempted to ask her "I have telephoned just while ago."
"Could I hear you how it goes?" so she answered in clear voice "This club is online discipline club for house wives, you know".
"Specialized in online discipline play."
"Using Internet site, we are matching best partners according to your request."
"So you can contact with your Discipline Master by e-mail"
The reception girl seemed to be accustomed to explain these matters.

extramarital affairs

Knowing the reason why my husband got rapturous in the Internet, and not allowed me to use PC, I get angry deeply in my mind.
I wanted to get secure evidence of his extramarital affairs, so I decided to be a member of this club to explore his behavior.
So I answered reception girl "I would like to be a member of this club, if I could possibly" and her reply was "You need some another member's introduction. Do you have any? Madam"
Then I had shown her my husband's membership card, so she get out digital camera and take a photo of me.
Then using PC, she printed out the membership card of me.
She also explained the membership fee is free for female and I was relieved that I need not spend much money.
She taught me how to make profile of mine and write request about partner who I want to be acquainted with on Internet.
After all procedure was finished I said "Thank you, I will come again some other time" and went back home.

Mail buddy

When I returned home, I attempt to operate the PC of my husband.
But he was not so stupid and had protected his data by secret pass word and could not log in his account.
So I logged in using my account formerly he had made for me, and also protected my data setting my own pass word.
Then I write a profile of mine suitably as reception girl had taught me, and uploaded to the site of "Dirty wife whore discipline club".
I also wrote requirement of partner and it was exactly same as the husband's annual income and hobbies.
Next day I have received a lot of e-mails.
I replied some of them to ascertain what my husband doing in the internet.
Few days later, one of mail baddy send me a message saying that he want to do voice chat with me.
I think my husband must use voice chat and do something deceiving me.
So I determined to try voice chat myself with mail buddy in order to ascertain what my hauband doing on voice chat.

Voice chat sex

I had made an appointment by e-mail to meet at voice chat when my husband would out at night.
Setting head phone and microphone on my head I was waiting at voice chat room.
Waiting a short while I received message from guy and suddenly low voice of him was surrounded into me ears.
I replied his greeting and have conversations that seemed no harm then he started straight to the subject saying that "How are your hubby doing. Is he good to you?"
"Don't you feel lonely now, and how would you like when you are lonely".
I tried to reply "I have something to do when I was lonely".
So he continued "When you are lonely, would you like to watch TV or would you like to Karaoke, or would you like to have a drink. But you know you have something when you are lonely most of all, aren't you?"
"How about doing it right now, don't you slut? You are slut aren't you. and you are bitch in fact".
So I understood that what my husband doing late at night while I was sleeping.
I thought I must stop voice but I could not.
"Use your fingers at you breast. Grab your breast softly" so I used my fingers as I was in a dream.
"So you feel good, don't you? Then you want use another hand to you most sensitive place you know"
"You cannot stop it because you are doing every day when you are lonely and you are lonely now".
He sexy voice did not allow me to stop my fingers and I was waiting his next order that would be more exciting.

Put off panties

Using my fingers as his order I heard my voice gasping deeply again and again.@His forceful voice saying repeatedly "You are bitch, dirty bitch. You are HENTAI" made me extremely hot and horny and bring me beyond my limit of endurance.
"Put off you panties right now. Its order and you must obey me. Do it right now" next order had sentence to me.
I was standing from chair and put off my panties immediately.
"You are going to a convenience store nearby and read magazines while you are standing"
"You choose magazine for adult and bent you body when you pick up magazine"
"You know what I mean. You are ass are easily up skirted from every one in the store, bitch"
Knowing the meaning of his order, my whole body was trembling furiously.
But hot stream had flood out endlessly from myself and my will had no more resist his order.
Let the PC as it was, I opened the door and go out to the convenience store nearby as his order.

Upskirt in convenience store

The automatic door of convenience store opened and voice of sales person "What can I do for you?" reached my ear, when my lower back began to shiver again from the knee.
Passing through the front of the register, I went to the magazine counter.
There were many kind of comic magazine and I found dirty comics for ladies.
I picked up one of them and opened it, but I cannot see any picture on it.
I heard foot step just passing behind me and my knee had shivered more hard.
Again and again I had picked up a comics leaning forward my body and after turning over a few page returned back to counter.
But nothing had happened so I walk toward entrance when my mobile phone had received a mail.
I opened my mobile phone and at the display I found photos of upskirt.
At first I don't know the reason of these photos but looking closely I noticed that these photo were my upskirt taken just while ago.
It is very certain that the guy that I had voice chatted with must be in this convenience store watched and upskirted me for a while.
My whole body was almost frozen to death and could not look around inside the store.
I stood on shivering foot and might broke down to the floor.

Disguised wife

I received another message in my mobile phone.
It ordered me to "Get out of store and get on the black car in front of parking area".
While reading message my fingers began to tremble and I could not send reply.
Any way I must obey order.
I get out of convenience store and found black car just in front of the store.
I walked toward the car slowly on my trembling foot.
The door of the car just opened by the hand of guy put on a pair of sunglasses.
I have no way except get on the front passenger seat of the car.
The black car moved slowly and then shrilly voice had sounded suddenly at my ear "You have been having affair with my husband. Dirty bitch"
She continued "I have clear evidence".
"It was me, who chatted with you just while ago"
"I used voice changer and disguised as guy"
"I also take a photo of your upskirt"
"I know your upskirted photos are upload at Homepage, and my husband took these photo and uploaded".
"You never be going out with my husband. You know Never"
When she finished saying, the car were entering the gate of love hotel*.

*love hotel:
small hotel and the purpose of visitors are having love affairs.
Many kind of facilities for making love are usable.
Usually located center of amusement area or outskirt of city.

Lesson of love

She had drawn my hand into the small room, then bunch of guys were waiting for me.
"Teach her a good lesson, and make her know about Joy of love." she spited her order laughing loudly, and got out of the room leaving me the words "Be a good bitch".
I noticed immediately that I had no way, when they had assaulted me.
I had forced to break down to the floor.
The pile of conquest continued to thrust me again and again.
The repeated rhythms had torn me, with strength of thunder.
With out satisfaction, next pile had plunged into me, and hardest rhythms reached deeply into my stomach.
Never ending ritual was seemed to be a time of eternal, and every piles of conquest tore me repeatedly with supreme joys of love.


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