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Groper in the movie theater

Winter ski class

When the summer vacation was over, I knew that ski class will be open in winter.
I didn't know the reason why university held ski class, but Its a rescue for student that the attendance of physical class are insufficient and can get few unit by attending ski class.
I had heard that physical is compulsory and if I would drop it I must repeat year.
And I thought I would be very busy preparing university festival this year, but if I attend ski class in winter I can skip physical class.
But it's so expensive to attend ski class for a university student, so I decided to do part time job before I would became very busy preparing university festival.
I had bought "Part time job magazine" and checked list of part time job of word processor operator.
There are too many jobs in the list but I thought that near location would be better.
I chose one and called its office from public phone at lounge of university, and reception girl had requested me to come next day with resume to have job interview.

Job interview

After school I went to the place where reception girl had taught me, and I found the name of publishing company on the post of small building.
I knocked the door and entered to find small office where heap of paper was standing like a building on every desk.
I was guided to the table and sofa where I was told to sit by a tall guy who seems to be a boss of this office.
He introduced himself as editor in chief but he seems not so reliable.
I offered my resume and he had taken a one glance at fist page.
But He didn't see next page where qualifications were listed, so I thought I was failed this interview.
At next instance he said "Why don't you start right now" for my surprise.

Adult video actress

I was guided to the personal computer desk and he said "would you like to read manual of this computer", so I opened manual when young girl and boy entered the office.
She was dressed in sober suit and seems to be a student of Woman University just graduated high school.
I thought she must have job interview as me, so I listen her voice with curiosity.
"When was your first experience?" or "how many guys did you have been going out with?" and another conversation was coming in to my ears.
I thought it must not be a job interview but I didn't realize the purpose of this interview.
After a short while, girl and boy had gone out from office and the editor in chief coming with cassette tape saying that "type this tape please. You can finish one hour or so".
I had started cassette tape and knew that the girl was adult video actress and the interview was a dialog for an adult video magazine published from this company.
In cassette tape she answered the question that before adult video actress she was a nurse of nursery school to my surprise.

Groped experiences

I had finished typing for about one hour and I came to the Editor in chief to have next order.
So he had taken a bundle of letters form reader and I was ordered to examine them.
I return to my desk and started to read lettered and I noticed that these letters were confession posting of groped experiences.
I was ordered to choose most exciting one, so I picked up some of them that seemed to be very kinky and nasty.
But Editor in chief ordered me to write confession posting myself because these letters are not suitable for contents of magazine.
So I have written groped experience of myself when I was a high school girl, but he said also that it's not good for magazine because he need extremely hot confession for magazine.
I think I cannot write such a article and I refused his order saying "I don't have such an exiting groped experience so I can write any more".
Then he suddenly hold my hand and stood up saying "come with me to the movie theater near hear right now".

Movie theater

I found a big signboard of movies in front of a movie theater.
The Chief had let me in the theater and screen was shining brightly.
I had seated next to the chief feeling anxious of movie that might be nasty.
But screen was seems to be a scene of battle field and I was relieved a little.
Big sound of gunfire was loudly surrounded inside the theater when a high school girl was passed by the aisle just near me.
She seemed to be searching for seat, but she was walking up and down several times, nevertheless empty seat was found everywhere.
At last she had just come up behind arrays of seats and seems to watch standing.
I had some kind of strange feeling because there were many empty seats.

Groper spot

The chief seemed to notice my strangeness in my heart, and wisped to my ear that "This Theater is a great groper spot".
The chief continued "The girl standing behind seat must be groped badly, so the girl who craves to be groped are standing there like her waiting for gropers".
I thought at first that chief had kidding but when I looked back the girl again, guys were standing both side of her and her face was somehow nervous and tensioned.
I noticed that her skirt was rolled up from behind, and guys had been groping on her breast too.
I realize that all thing that chief had told me might be truth.
"After movie she used to go to Lotteria*1 and have blow job at toilet" chief had told me again, but this time I believe that he must be kidding me.
When movie was finished, inside of the theater had lighted brightly.
I and chief were standing and leaving seat, but when I looked back again high school girl and gropers was not seen.

*1 Lotteria : Japanese popular first food shop.

Blow job girl

When we were returning from the movie theater the chief suggested me to have a tea.
I was a little tired sitting seat of the theater such a long time so I wanted to have a rest for a while.
We turned corner and found Lotteria when I remained the story concerning Lotteria just before.
Following the chief I entered Lotteria, and was surprised to see a high school girl sat on stand, opening her thigh widely against window.
I saw middle aged guys were sitting both side of her and stretching there hand to her thigh and breast.
I notice that the girl must be a high school girl just groped in the movie theater, but I pretend that I did not notice her.
We ordered coffee and take a seat against her.
"You know what I mean, she will go to toilet and do blow job next" chief whispered to me and It might be true this time.
"She is not a high school girl but only disguised. She look like obedient but she is nasty bitch in fact." and I could not deny what he said seeing her white thigh.
When we finished coffee I saw the high school girl leaved her seat to a toilet.
Little later, two guys groped her were also standing and seemed to follow her to the toilet.
I cannot believe the fact that happen in front of me, but she must do blow job in toilet without doubt.

Blow job fantasy

When we went back to office, the chief ordered me to write an article about being groped in theater, so I write a short story.
But he ordered to rewrite it again and again saying "you must write more exactly what you have done".
But I don't know how to describe the scene of blow job in toilet that I did not have seen.
I had tried to imagine how high school girl had used her lips and tongue.
While I writing story about blow job, I was got excited and getting wet unconsciously.
At last the chief said to me "that not good, but I will do the remaining.", so I finished my work and leaved office to get back home.
I was almost tuning a Conner of Lotteria, when I saw two guys passing beside me.
They must be a groper just before and seemed to return to the movie Theater, to find another victim.
Just then a great idea arose in my mind, that if I were groped in theater it would be extremely nasty, and if I were picked up to a toilet of Lotteria it would be a tremendously dirty.
My mind was full of this blow job fantasy, and my whole fresh were getting too hot to resist it.

Gropers humiliation

I entered the movie theater following gropers when my legs started shivering.
I stood back of the array of seats and waited what would happen next.
My heart was almost burst hearing footsteps of gropers walking near, and standing both side of me.
I feel soft touch of groper's finger on skirt, touching my hips roundly.
My skirt was rolled up from behind and another groper's finger touched my thigh directly.
I cannot resist groper's touch of finger that bring me a incredible feeling, and I endured shamelessly.
I thought every victim of gropers must have same feeling and nobody escape from groper's humiliation.
But finally there fingers were withdrawn from my hips and thigh at the end of movie.
When hall was lighted, groper took me out to the Lotteria.
I was forced to sit on the stool where high school girl had sat just while ago.
I faced window pane and looked out the crowded night street.
One of gropers hand reached my thigh and caressed my knee softly.
With delicate vibrations of groper's finger my knee was shivering untolerantly, then his finger moved more skillfully.
Unexpected feelings had flood from my inside of flesh and spread out to every top of my hand and legs.
It reached top of my brains and my body became so heavy that I could not move any part of mine like in a dream.

Joy of humiliation

I thought they would take me to the toilet next, so I said "Can I powder my nose", in a small voice and added "Please".
They returned no answere but I had stood and was entering the restroom of Lotteria.
I noticed that gropers were also standing and followed after me.
I walked slowly and entered the restroom and did not shut the door waiting gropers.
When they entered after me, my whole flesh suddenly start to shiver expecting the humiliation same as high school girl must had.
While one groper sat on the sheet of toilet, he made me sit on his knee, and another groper stand just in front of me.
He plugged his desire deeply in to my mouth.
Another desire was pushing up from my bottom of depth.
Spark of joy had full filled my both holes and had hardest assault finally.
I know the meaning of humiliation of supreme joy.


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