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Wet ruffled tennis panties

Athletic meet

When autumn had come, Athletic meet was going to be held by my husband's company.
In these days it is very rare that company hold Athletic meet for its employees.
But my husband's company is very old one so Athletic meet is held annually and families of employees are used to attend and enjoy Athletic meet.
It was very tiresome to prepare athletic wears and box of lunch previous day.
But I felt like going back to the previous day of Athletic meet when I was still junior high school girl.
Company's ground is located in Huchu city near Tokyo and being used by Company's Rugby team.
On the broad ground white lines are drawn as a figure of circular athletic tracks.
I and my husband took a seat where rope was stretched to separate seat and tracks.
There were many families and there voices scolding there child were loudly reached around all the ground.
I attended the three-legged race with my husband by chance.
Because three-legged race was since athletic meet in the junior high school, I felt a little sentimental remembering school days.

Three-legged race

When I was a junior high school girl, I could not run so fast.
But I thought that I could run even now not so badly.
And I was waiting for the sign of start.
When the sound of start pistol banged, another couples are running faster than us.
I tried to catch up ,but my legs did not move as I wished.
And at last we are the most bottom of the race.
My husband said me that it was shame and looked like so cross.
He even said that "You are to fat. you could not run fast with your fatty body".
And I was also getting cross with his wards.
Next day, I bought the weight scale and measured my weight.
I found that I had gained 4K more than when I was a university student, and I was shocked much.
So I called Reiko my old friend on the phone and talk about how to loss the weight.
She honestly suggested me to practice tennis with her and we have a appointment to play tennis at the court for university staffs where we used to play next Sunday.

University festival

We met at the subway station near to the back gate of university.
While we going up the street that lead to the back gate, we heard strange sound.
It was some kind of Music loudly sounding from inside.
We entered the back gate and went down to the school yard.
School yard was surrounded by food stalls selling hotdog or fried Chinese noodle.
When I saw the decoration in the yard, I noticed that the University was just in the midst of festival.
So I asked Reiko "I suppose it must be school festival. Can we play tennis even now?"
And Reiko returned "It's quite skew, I might missed the date. But we can possibly use tennis court. So let's go and see the tennis court anyway."
So we go down the school yard and reached tennis court.
But inside of the court, there were many girls looked like cheer-leaders dressed in brilliant red and they were practicing cheer-leading performances.

Cheer leading

"I think No way." I said to Reiko and she suggested "well, I know. But we can watch the performance of cheer leading."
So we entered into the tennis court.
There were benches lined in front of court for audience and many boys were sitting waiting for the beginning of performance but no girl was seen.
This University was mainly subjected in technology and science.
So students were almost boys, and cheer girls seem to be student of Woman University near here.
After the performance of cheer leading we leaved the tennis court and were going to buy crepes at a food stall, just then I heard voice of guy from behind "My dear sweetie."
I turned around and saw skin headed guy wearing black student uniform.
He seemed to be a member of cheer group of this University.
He said politely "You look so beautiful. So would you please entry beauty contest right now. My dear" and Reiko started to laugh because of his politeness.
But hearing that the prize of contest was travel ticked for Singapore, we decided to entry beauty contest of this university festival for fun.

Sexy tennis dress

When we entered an Hall,@I found cheer girls that had performed at tennis court short while ago.
They seemed to entry beauty contest too.
They were dressed in brilliant read cheer reading costumes.
And of course all the boys like that kind of costume.
They would be get extremly excited and winner of contest must be one of that cheer girls.
So I was disappointed much when the boy who seemed to be a Judge Chairman said "you will look more beautiful, if you would wear tennis dress in your bag".
So we changed clothes at the anteroom in the back.
When we finished I was very surprised to see the tennis dress of Reiko.
It was almost transparent and under it I could see white brassier and white lacy ruffled tennis panties transparently.
It seemed too sexy to appear in front of boys eyes.
Reiko noticed my eyes and then she turned around on her heels and said "This tennis dress is same as Ai Sugiyama had worn when she played at Wimbledon's center court", and she looked so proudly.

Beauty contest

After marriage I have been wearing sober dresses, but Reiko is still single and seemed to enjoy herself wearing sexy dresses.
But I worried about her transparent tennis dress because it is too sexy.
When the beauty contest began and Reiko appeared on the stage, all the boys were excited and gave cheers from everywhere.
Moderator had started the announcment and began the introduction of girls, but the atmosphere of the hall was almost crazy.
And at last by clapping of the audience Reiko was chosen as a miss University.
Reiko has received travel ticket form Judge Chair man and were going down of the steps of stage ,but Chairman detained her saying that "miss University must do Judge and presenter of the following karaoke contest. It's a duty of winner of beauty contest."

Karaoke contest

I and Reiko were guided to seats in front of the stage and Karaoke contest had started.
I thought that Karaoke contest is competing karaoke song but each teams had made every kind of invention, various kind of dancing and costumes.
It was almost musical show had being performed in front of me.
But when teams of tennis club appeared to the stage all the hall was getting noisy.
They began dancing but it was very kinky and nasty.
And then one of dancers picked up a girl wearing tennis dress from seat near by me, and pulled up her on the stage.
Members of tennis club had push down her on the floor of stage, while she was screaming, and dancing like the gang bang had started in front of me.
One of boy was even shaking his hip up and down upon her bottom.
But girl underneath him also started shaking her bottom up and down too, and I notice that he not her were a boy dressed in tennis dress and ruffled tennis panties.

Quarrel on the stage

I could not watch their nasty dance, so I tuned my eyes on my knee.
After All the performances were finished, Judge Chairman had announced the Tennis club as a winner.
Reiko had walked up the stage and was going to present the trophy and the bouquet to the tennis club, just when members of other teams had shouted "Dumb, humbug".
"Winner of last year was also tennis club, its humbug. Eat shit mother fuckers" and they jumped at members of tennis club.
Other boys tried to stop them but they were also banged.
They quarreled altogether and shouted loudly on the stage and other boys were climbing the stage from everywhere.
I and Reiko had jumped down the stage and rushed out of the hall desperately with out changing tennis dresses.

Wet ruffled tennis panties

Outside of the hall was already becoming dark and, small pond in front of the hall boys were scampering around drinking beer.
I was passing throw them hoping any trouble should not happen.
When I saw the one of boys get naked and jumped in to pond, I tried to run away.
But another boy caught me from behind and pulled me in to pond and dropped me down to the water.
Reiko tried to escape but she was also caught by other boys and pushed down in to the water.
Her tennis dress had got drenched and brassiere and ruffled tennis panties beneath it had exposed to the view of boys.

Depth of ditch

Crying meaningless words loudly Boys rushed me and Reiko.
My body was falling headlong under the water like a small boat in the storm.
The pile of conquest continued to thrust deeply into my flesh.
The repeated rhymes tore my flesh and the strong Levin had assaulted me.
Helpless shivering caught my flesh, and the following piles were immediately under my skin.
I was in the ritual that never last and eternal time had possessed me.
Reiko's crying voice faded away gradually from my ear and the darkness continued to dominate my fleshes and bloods.


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